Modi govt. 2.0 expectation

1. All offices may remain open 365 days, 24 hours a day. However, each employee to work for 40 hours a week, 5 days a week and 8 hours per day. 2 days weekly off. This is required for best quality of life and generation of more employment.
2. Gram Sadak yojana. All villages, town, metros to have cement concrete roads upto their houses.
3. Availability of tap water and electricity at all houses. Charges to be based on zopadpatti, apartment, bungalows and residential, farming, business, industry etc.
4. All hawkers may be allowed to do business on the roads. This is because, all playing share market sitting in a.c. Room makes crores but those doing hard work through out the day to sell vegetables, flowers, kirana and getting their livelihood are punished.
5. Not to allow public fund like fund of government, provident fund, public sectors etc. to invest in shares or mutual fund. Their money must come only to government and may be utilised for infrastructure development and providing water. Electricity to all houses. Let share market run only on individual people amount only. Any investment in shares must be for minimum 5 years once purchased.
6. Take help of Judiciary to figure out decision of case in 1 year and implementation of judgement in next year. Full digitisation. To find out ways for these.
7. Full online and digitisation in post offices, judiciaries, police, municipalities, gram panchayat etc. In all government offices. And cctv to curb corruption and computerised attendance for coming and going to enforce punctuality. Any late will deduct salary for atleast half a day. more  

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Budget resembles our aspirations . Participation for prompt achievement to be achieved through NITI AAYOG performance. Eradicating corrupt practices, accelerating Bank through transactions , replacing Subsidies, Grants , Freebees with value based assistance , Vigilant Governance and Fast Justice ARE TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN ALL STATES. more  
It happens seldom, but this time the subject was so interesting that I read all the 41 member comments. Very interesting and very variegated thought-angles.

The topic is Modi 2.0: what do we expect from it?
The question that arises in my mind is: what we expect, or, what are we prepared to contribute for Modi 2.0 to be a success ?

Friends ! we should not "expect" anything from our governments, they have their own problems.
If we wish some change to happen, we ourselves must initiate. "Be the change that you wish to see", said the great Mahatma.

Mahatma Gandhi used public power to oust the British from our country. Even today, public unity is supreme Voting at elections is also public power. YOU have the power, folks. Make use of it.

Local Circles is one avenue. We all should make use of it. UNITE, dear folks, and make things to change and happen.

May your God and your Conscience be with you.....always !! more  
Everyone to Reform himself. Society gets so reformed. Zeal for good governance to grow opting coming together, keeping together and working together. more  
Besides this all state police must undergo personality development training by private agencies which will help them in behaving properly with citizens of india, All the state police must be corrupt free for that the appointed SP/SSP of that zone/city or area must have a close monitor by installing CCTV in all the police station and a separate monitor room must be introduced which will keep an eye on every individual police officer and his/her activity during office hours. Only 8hrs duty must be allotted to all the police officers, this will help them in working stress free and will create more and more job state wise.
Remember if police of india becomes corruption free then only india can think of corruption free country and become a developed nation. more  
I disagree with the views expressed by Mr. Hasmukh. My views are as follows.

1. All offices need not for 24 x 7 x 365 days. For example, banks, corporate offices need not to work for 24 hours as most of their services are computerised. Of course essential services like water, power supply services need to,be 24 hours working and in shifts of 8 hours a day but related admin workers are necessarily work for 24 hours or in shifts. Extended work must be on need base depending on services and must be equally compensated for the additional work in terms of compensatory offs and not monetarily to maintain quality of life with family and society. This must be occasional and ensure doesn't recur time and again.

2. Yes, concrete road is a must and government must spend on infrastructure. Development of village must be focused on priority and urgently.

3. Charges on the usage of electricity and water must be levied based on consumption and not based on slums or apartments etc. Of course, there has to be differentiation between commercial and non-commercial use.

4. Hawkers must be discouraged. Of course, they need to be housed in a common place instead allowing them to encroach roads causing traffic and making the roads dirtier and unhygienic as govt. focussed on swatch bharat. Now all most all offices are air conditioned and why only to name share market and does not run on public money.

5. Courts need to dispose off cases in a time frame within a maximum period of one year and a small leeway to be given for the orders to be implemented.

6. We need to understand that PF trust has to pay interest on PF contribution and this can be done by deployment of funds in government securities and schemes including shares and mutual funds but in percentage terms.

7. Digitalisation is a must in all government departments. Let the government not dump postal department with banking, insurance, passport etc. as it is not able to satisfactory/convincing service to the public currently. Please clear the mess accumulated over the period of years therein before other avenues are tested with them.

8. Installation of CCTV in all government departments is a welcome move but this alone is not suffice to curb corruption. People must change their attitude and sincere and honest in discharging their duties and responsibilities. Corruption can be curbed to a great extent by harsh punishment in terms of fines and imprisonmment and this alone can create awareness in them.

Besides, host of other issues/matters which Modi 2.0 government need to focus on priority.

1. Pollution free environment both air and water
2. Linking of rivers and canals
3. Provide sufficient water and power supply
4. Simplification and rationalization of direct and indirect taxes and filing of returns.
5. Income tax can be replaced with expenditure tax so that every citizen contributes to the exchequer
6. Digital payment beyond Rs.500/- is made mandatory.
7. Corruption is rampant in bullion, currency market, realty sector etc as cash plays a vital role, which need to be monitered very closely and streamlined.
8. Creation of jobs
9. Education must be made compulsory till higher secondary
10.Scholarships only to economically poor and not based on quotas and reservation for caste, creed or religion
11. Standards of public schools must be raised and made at par with private schools
12. Syllabus of education must be revamped to include skill development to produce employable/workable citizen.
13. Similarly medical education has to be overhauled, increase the number of seats and thus increase the availability of doctors at reasonable/manageable ratio with the population
14. Principal of "No work No Pay" must be applied to all elected representatives as in the case of common workers.
15. Similarly no pension to elected representatives as in the case of government employees. Benefit of pension was stopped effective Jan 2004 for government employees. Same logic needs to be applied to elected representatives.
16. As PM is keen in public, giving up gas subsidies, elected representatives must be asked to give up freebies and subsidies.
17. All the criminal cases of the elected representatives must be heard and disposed off by the courts within a time frame not exceeding one year and culprits must be punished very heavily both in terms of cash and imprisonment.
18. Similarly, disproportionate assets/income accumulated by politicians/government employees must be probed and guilty persons must be punished very heavily in terms of money and imprisonment. Such assets should be forfeited and in case of death of such person, legal heirs should not be allowed to inherit those assets/income. In case of ex CM of Tamil Nadu Mrs. Jayalalitha who was found guilty of accumulating disproportionate assets by the court while she was in power, quashed its own order of fine to the tune of 100 crores since she was not alive. In fact, this fine should have been realized from such accumulation of disproportionate assets.
19. Affidavits filed by candidates contested the last election at least, must be thoroughly analyzed and probed.
20 Representation of People Act must be amended to prevent persons charged or found guilty of criminal offences from contesting elections.
21. Speed disposal of legal cases pending in all courts across the country.
22. Filling up all vacancies in courts, government departments immediately.
23. Government employees found corrupt must be punished heavily with money and imprisonment.
24. Continuous and frequent campaign towards Swatch Bharat mission, across nation and create awareness. more  
Besides the above, the Modi Govt.2 should give more focus on agriculture, health and education. 1. Because, very few are interested in agriculture due lack of labour/manpower, proper irrigation facility, marketing/storage of agricultural produce and overhead cost of investment is more than their output. 2. The treatment in Govt. hospitals is poor due to lack of proper infrastructure, manpower(doctors etc) and health care facilities. Because of that no VVIPs including middle class are getting admitted into Govt. hospitals and the mortality rate is comparatively high in Govt. hospitals. 3. Regarding education, the Govt. schools are far behind from the private schools due of lack proper infrastructure, manpower(teachers etc), and engagement of the teaching staff in Govt. welfare schemes such as Census, etc. Further ethical education should be introduced in all schools. more  
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