Mobbing of Trains

What Delhi saw in last 72 hours was just plain unprecedented. Just like all Governments failed us citizens on pollution, they failed us on law and order.

My family travels frequently by train in north India and just the thought of the train getting mobbed gives me nightmares. Has happened once in the past. Its scary.

I want to know Mr. Railway Minister, what is your level of preparedness to save trains from getting mobbed. Or will GRP also operate like Delhi Police??

If so, should we stop travelling by trains? more  

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Do not depend on the govt for any security. You take your own decisions based on your information and perceptions. more  
This is an important issue and the management of railway is requested to
the need full.

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 12:51 AM Nirmala Chauhan <>

> more  
I agree with Nirmala Chauhan. If you are running an organisation and a mob enters and ransacks is it logically possible to prevent. Can you blame the Head of the organisation .
Every citizen is to abide by law. If some take law into their own hands, and those who abide
by law are those unarmed. Can the unarmed block the armed goons. If this is applicable to
asmall office or organisation and cannot be prevented the mobbing and arson or riot is also not preventable by the Government. When a alert citizen notices suspicious persons creating hatred, he/she should inform police to exercise vigil and start patroling. This is not to say that this is something that is optional, It should be mandatory and law. Just as in a family, the elderly person corrects anerrant child using abusive words, the citizen too has to do his part of duty to prevent things out of hand. There is not point in blaming the minister or Police. Each citizen must be a Police to himself and Police to Others. When a neighbour is abused, we shut the door and leave the matter to the quarelling ones to settle scores.
In trains too, some daily passenger gangs enter reserved compartme3ntrs and occupy seats of reserved passengers. The passenger in the next seat or bay does not even raise an eybrow for such unlawful occupation. Have you known that the Chain can be pulled if there is an intruder in a reserved compartment, so that the concerned people come to enquire as to what has gone wrong.
When as a passenger or citizen we do not do what is apt and intime, things go out of control.
Raghavan AVS more  
What laws are you talking about? Laws are for law abiding people not for hoodlums, supported by the government. What we saw in Delhi in the last few days where the police remained bystanders while BJP hoodlums looted, murdered people was a replica of what had happened in Gujarat in 2002 with the same two persons in power. He was banned from the USA when he was CM but now the President of the USA is his guest. How the world has deteriorated? more  
during gurjar andolan some years back more  
Good God that the riots have been controlled by now.But those accountable therefor must be taken to task under the extant laws. Similar emergency in running trains or those at platforms can best be tackled with in close collaboration and co-ordination with the state police. It's high time that RPF and GRP evolve well rehearsed SOPs therefor, if not already done. more  
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