Misleading Advertisements

In the whole country localcircles is the only platform where important issues like misleading advertisements is being discussed. Media never writes or broadcasts about this because of conflict of interest.

Many brands use the terms healthy, fit, taaza, fresh loosely and they have even gotten trademarks on these words.

Can something be done by Govt so a list of words is issued where such trademarks are nullified and brands are not allowed to use such words in advertisement.

Imagine a milk polypack with shelf life of 6 months and a load of preservatives calling it Fresh.

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Now a days we find different type of advertisements covering complicated diseas like neuropathy, diabetes etc.The supposed specialist says a revolutionary medicine is invented and the same is not available in any medical store because the formula was not sold to any manufacturer to avoid exploitation.People have to order on the same day as otherwise it will not be available. Can you throw light on such advertisements? more  
In the case of medicines, many spurious items are being sold for phenomenal prices. Usually, this happens with sensitive skin ailments, diabetes, sexual disorders or weight-loss products. There is no check on many Ayurvedic medicines where they package dhania powder induced with rock salt (or some other cheaply available stuff) as a wonder drug. You can test these so-called medicines in a lab and 99% of those sold in a shady way are not even real medicines. How can the common person fight these kinds of menace? The government has to take care of its citizens by administration, regulation, governance and education. more  
सरकार से हर बात की उम्मीद करना व्यर्थ है - विज्ञापन सिर्फ़ बेचने का माध्यम है और सरकार हो या कोई भी राजनीतिक दल भी तो वही कर रही है - मुफ्तखोरी का विज्ञापन देकर सत्ता हासिल करने वालों से ग़लत विज्ञापन पर प्रतिबंध लगाने को कैसे सोचा जा सकता है। जहां तक मीडिया की बात है तो उनकी तो रोज़ी-रोटी इन्ही विज्ञापनों से चलती है - इतना ही नहीं आये दिन स्व-सज्ञान लेने वाली हमारी न्यायपालिका भी इस पर स्व-सज्ञान नहीं लेगी क्योंकि उनको भी तो अपना विज्ञापन चाहिये तो उसी मुद्दे पर स्व-सज्ञान लेंगे जिस मुद्दे पर उनका विज्ञापन हो सके जैसे रात के तीन बजे कोर्ट खोलना - अब बाक़ी बचा आम आदमी - जनता तो वह तो भाग्यवादी हो चुका है और सिस्टम के कोल्हू में पीस रहा है more  
One more to scare the parents more  
Padmanabhan G Sir...I have already written about it on other social media sites. Charges for the two full-page advertisement costs will also be taken from the parents. more  
Why do all of us become gullible to marketers and businesses? We all are fully aware that advertising and sales promotion try to make things larger than life. They live on exaggeration and hyperbole. However, as intelligent human beings, we should not abandon our thought process so much as to get deceived. There are items marked 'New and Improved'. Pray tell me - how can a new item be an improved item? They say that the fragrance of an agarbatti/deo etc will last for 24 hours. Does that happen? In food items, we see 100% juice which has more to do with a brand name than the juice by itself. Every packed item is loaded with emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives, colours and whatnot. They print the ingredients in fine print without any meaningful explanation. On the other hand, there are fruits, vegetables and grains which are sold loose and are also treated and we cannot even figure out what kind of alterations or processing was done before it was sold to us. Every brand of whole wheat or 100% wheat bread is neither 100% nor whole wheat. Isn't this some kind of cheating? Shouldn't we have better regulation to address this? These instances are so rampant that one shudders. more  
While regulations may not get administered, the need of the hour is at least to know what is not in order and someone has to call it out. If its not the government, at least an independent body should monitor and make people aware of products and services which make deceptive claims. more  
Regulations will not help. It will be only on paper. Only way is customers beware. more  
The Government and it's stakeholders should be truly honest to ensure about the specifications printed on the packages. It can be outsourced as well with powers delegated to the agency. more  
Ajit Sahay....Really a joke of the day. Expect anything from the government. Head of State is busy with road shows and rallies. more  
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