Minimise abuse on OTT

I have written in the past in the circles about need for an abuse free culture. We are a culture that is one of the oldest in the world with rich language respect for all and abuse had no place in society.

I find that lately in last 10 years abuse in bollywood movies has drastically increased and with such abuses one cannot sit as family and watch these movies and show. And these are now in even 13+ rated shows

Can we all come together and demand a movement to remove abuse in bollywood movies and shows?

I invite your comments. more  

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Basic thing is right from Childhood Moral Education is not taught. Hence your taste will be different and later on you will keep liking immoral stuff. For TRP sake we show so many things which are WRONG. more  
On OTT platforms there's kid's section. You only deserve that. Now, by your logic we've to dismember erotic art because you've issues with sexuality and wait.... why sstop there, break every Shiva temple because there's linga (dick). People like you are the reason kids watch porn. I know you wouldn't get the logic. So, Fuck you. more  
That this topic raised by Amod Agarwal has fetched intense reaction proves that it is interesting. Let's not overlook a fact of life that change leads to evolution. Even our social norms continue to change with time. We humans have been evolving through change only, since Darwin penned his theory. Generation gap, however, does not want to register this fact. Today GenX, GenY and GenZ are way ahead of ....... you know what I mean. Those living in the social norms of sixty or more years ago shall always find themselves out-of-place and at logger heads with today's scenario. Developments in the West have always swept over to influence the East and will continue to do so. No need to blame the censor boards or Bollywood or Collywood or Tollywood or Hollywood, or even the so-called Designer-Darzis. Movies of Satyajit Ray touched the then society. "Binodini" by Rabindranath Tagore, "Godaan" by Munschi Premchand, "Shekhar Ek Jeevan" by Agyaiye etc. belong to a different generation and different society. And so does "Do Bigha Zameen" or "Tare Zamin Par" or "Jai Bhim" or "Naya Daur" or "Do Aankhe Barah Haath" as well as the famous book ......"The Good Earth". The film industry projects views on the "current" social evolution, as do the writers. In Kalyug we must accept that Ramrajya time belongs to the past; we need not cry tears over it. Today's society has a different definition and we have need to freshly define words like "abuse", "expletives", "profanity" etc. THESE ARE ALL RELATIVE EXPRESSIONS AND CONCEPTIONS. more  
Content has changed and will change with times. It is a part of the constant evolution that we and sociaety at large are all going through. Restricting or censoring content is someone playing nanny. As a society we must be pragamatic to understand that 13 or 16 or 18 is a physical age and despiet that threshold all persons may not have the same level of maturity to understand or appreciate certain content. Having said this, I have seen many shows in the recent past pepperred with expletives merely with a view to tittilate audiences (Even normal people dont speak this way!!). While we do need an open society, at the same time there must be some balance as well. Do we let market forces control content or do we let a group of people decide what is good or not? In my view, certain outlines must be stated and the regulation must be first done by the carrier portal/medium itself. Votes may be polled about the content and improvements made from time to time. We have seen how badly film censorship works in India and so that route is not the one to follow for OTT. Having said this, OTT is paid content and it does have parental controls and passwords as well.So to say that such content ois freely available is not true. more  
Mr Yadawendra Singh: So what do you do when you or the young view Hollywood that is available in India? Do you have any say in that? Stop pushing silly topics. Try worthwhile topics that truly makes peoples lives better. Try better parenting, or better teaching at home that will change what you are looking for. more  
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