Microplastics in blood of 8 out of 10 people

A shocking new study has revealed the presence of plastic particles in human blood. According to the study, 77 per cent of those tested had microplastic particles in the bloodstream.

The study found that Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was the most prevalent form of plastic found in human blood. PET is commonly used for packaging water, food and clothes.

The packaged water bottles, the plastic food packaging must be banned. India in 2019 made a lot of progress where even in fast food restaurants plastic disappeared but then the lobbies took over and derailed the move.

On behalf of all of us can Localcircles please urge right arms of Govt of India to ensure implementation of the 2019 move.

We dont want heart attacks happening in the next generation who are living their life ordering food and consuming packaged water.

Also where is the india standards body BIS in all of this? Why is there no standards on Pet bottles for packaged water and food packaging?? more  

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The author must be an authority on polymer engineering and researcher. My suggestion is (1) Do not order food from those restaurants that pack the food in plastic(2)Never, never, use bottled water.(3) carry water in an earthern pot or ceramic jar(4) If all the Sarkari banned items disappear we all will be living for 1000 years. All hospitals will close down. 17.9 million people every year because of heart attack. Over 3,54,000 road accidents 60% die.Should the government ban the road/vehicle usage? more  
All bottled water is pet b Ralneer is of Railways. When the whole universe is aware that PET bottle is not to be used for human usage, especially for food packing. Single use carry bags are still in use, despite its ban, remain in paper. Bisphenol is nothing but crude petroleum, . Containers made of BISPHENOL A is slow poisoning . Processed food products are packed in containers of BISPHENOL A government machinery is well aware of usage of carcinogens by day to- day life of human beings There may be strong reasons behind to keep these products live. As per Montreal protocol, all non environmentally products to be withdrawn, which includes PET bottles, jars, all unhealthy packing products viz, plastic,carry bags, and other carbon emission products. more  
Well researched note. Just live a life as before the invention of plastic. One must make a conscious effort. Plastic in the blood is toxic. Meanwhile existing used single use plastic may be utilised mixing up with road construction material, such as coal tar, also a petroleum product, like plastics, for constructing more durable roads! The technology now exists for us to make us planet sustainably develop. This would clear up the plastic ending up in landfillsm, making them so huge, leaching into groundwater, and thereby entering our blood as microplastic. Combustible conditions of landfills, with methane emanating from the decomposing organic matter present there, seeing the recent fire during summer months, like the Bhalsawa landfill, also causes pollution. more  
Thanks Shridhar Murthy for the link. more  
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