Making society safe for Women and the Girl Child

Incidents of rape and molestation continue to come to light from different parts of India regularly. Some are reported and many more aren't. Some of the actions that can be taken is making self defence a mandatory subject in school curriculum for girls and making values and gender sensitisation a mandatory subject for boys in the school curriculum. Similarly, there are other ideas. The objective being making the Indian society safer for women and the girl child.

We invite you to share your best ideas on what else can be done. In this discussion we want to refrain from ideas on what the Government should do on the law/order and legal front but focus on what we as a society can do.

We look forward to your inputs! more  

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Quick punishment for the culprit so that fear in prospective culprits increases more  
1.Prepare group of volunteers and have patrolling in the lonely areas.
2. Groups of men and women can be trained, oriented and will be roaming in civil dress to catch hold of criminals .
3. Intensive survey of the girls in adolescent age being annoyed, trapped, molested, any individual/ group and catch hold them.
4. Wide publicity to the punishments given for abusing girls. more  
Crime against women and child is increasing by leaps and bound.What is the reason? The mind set of the male child.He grows in the family with the idea that he is superior to his female counterpart and with full support of their parent.He grows with this idea and mix with his peers who are also of the same view.Whenever the need arises he goes with full impunity and misbehave with any women comes on his way.We men are the mute spectators who turns a blind eye. He gets more embolden and does crime to his liking.From which class these men belong to?From every class irrespective of class and affluence level. Now what is the reason of this rise and what is the remedy? The reason is rapid urbanization and influence of technology.Unchecked good and bad information at his finger tips. The peer pressure and lack of right guidance at home.
This has reached an alarming proportion. How to stem the rot? This has to start from home whether rich or poor home. Parents needs to be educated how to rare a boy child correctly at home till he goes to school specially by the mother. When he goes to school boys have to be given a special class how to behave with the girl and women.It is no longer any joke.It has to be taken seriously before the society is in full grips of fear.It is a different kind of radicalization not in term of religion but in terms of sexual injustice. more  
Fear of law is the only thing, courts take their own time, and a rapist is ridiculous...judicial reforms and police reforms are the way that may help curb the crime more  
We should reward death sentences for such crimes. Even in many more crimes we should reward Death Sentence. Similarly Hard core criminals must also be given death sentence. See our Jails are over loaded. This clearly indicates the number of criminals increasing day by day and our punishments are very light. Ambit of death sentence must increase and cover other crimes including Financial crimes.
A research is needed on this subject and so the change of rules and punishment. more  
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