Making Passenger Grievance System Effective

Below are the issues and root causes as identified by you in regards to Passenger Grievance System. Kindly review and share your inputs on specific solutions to improve this system. You are also welcome to share any positive experiences that worked effectively for you so the same can be scaled to many more passengers.

We look forward to your inputs!

Railway Passenger Grievance System – Root Causes

1. Grievance redressal is not taken seriously by the authority
2. The entire customer service approach is missing
3. Lack of a dedicated complaint redressal department
4. A lot of complaints are never even reported
5. The grievance system has not been completely computerised yet
6. There is no time limit prescribed on closing/reverting to complaints
7. The helplines are under staffed
8. Customer care executives taking calls are not held accountable to their job
9. Lack of responsibility in complaint ownership
10. Station masters deliberately do not give complaint book to the passengers
11. If an attendant receives a complaint, he never passes it on to his superiors
12. No punishment or action taken for not addressing the complaints
13. The top management never gets to see the complaints
14. The level of awareness in the passengers is not very good in this regard.

Railways Passenger Grievance System - Key Issues

1. There is no single officer to take responsibility of taking complaints
2. There is an absence of centralised on-line complaint centre.
3. Railways never acts on complaints
4. Most of the times, there is no acknowledgement of the complaints made
5. Sometimes, even the acknowledgement takes many days to months to get delivered
6. There is no feedback on action taken on complaints
7. No one attends calls on the helplines
8. Complaint book is never available on the stations
9. Station Master would not take complaints easily
10. If you register a complaint on, the status will always show ‘pending’
11. No feedback form are given to the passengers
12. No complaint/suggestions boxes inside the train or on stations. more  

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Why you are not developing tollfree numbers and watsapp numbers and display in each and every passenger compartmen so that every passenger will be having access to get into touch with the Department Further I'm the opinion that vigilance must be so tighten because on ticket conductor willing to give cash receipt very particular between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada for AP express and LTT ..etc On 29 Dec 2015 17:51, "Ministry Of Railways" wrote: > more  
Based on the inputs, there should be continuous attempts to improve upon the services. more  
Sir, I could not compile how this mail is inappropriate? as such situation is faced daily by thousands of passengers in India. How can be it inappropriate. Have courage to accept positive criticism and reply to the genuine observations. That is true statesmanship further help in improvements. Rest is up to you because in India no one is accountable to public and might is right as well as no onr is going to bell the cat. On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 12:41 PM, Harbhajan Lal wrote: > Sir now these days so many trains are cancelled by railway to and fro from > Amritsar Station. Please clarify me, a passenger purchased ticket for > general class train which run regularly. The general train is cancelled > mean time and a supper train is to run on later to same destination. > Weather the general class ticket /MST holder is entitled to travel in > supper train on the same general ticket/ MST or have to pay extra. If extra > is to be paid then where is fault of passenger in cancellation of train, he > will have to suffer twice. > Will you kindly clarify me. > Regards > Harbhajan Lal (Amritsar) > 09815723778 > > On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 4:56 PM, Ministry Of Railways < >> wrote: > >> more  
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2 points to be addressed urgently without much allocation of Budget , but to see the paid workers are advised sufficiently about their duties.: 1. The waiting rooms for general class ,upper class that is sleeper, A/C class should be 3 different rooms. There should not be intermingling as the A/C Class charges have gone up by leaps and bounds. There should be some one to check only authorized people to use them. Very often we see unauthorized people walking in and out of the Restrooms [toilets]. It is almost like Platform ticketless people entering the Waiting rooms. What can the over worked Station master can do ? Railways should make sure that each Railway passenger gets his rightful service for what he pays particularly after the hefty increase in A/C Fares . Kindly make it a point to POSITIVELY PROVIDE SEPARATE TOILETS FOR RAILWAY STAFF OF ALL CADER. Don’t let them use the TOILETS ASIGNED FOR PASSENGERS. But provide the separate toilets and see that they use only them and no that for the passengers. When I pointed this out to an employee he turned around and said we are serving you, why can’t we use this facility ? You are a passenger you come and go but we are in this station forever . In my hurry I couldn’t find the Station master to inform about this. Is that comment acceptable to the railways ? One glaring example I can give about unauthorized people using the upper class waiting hall toilet is the CALICUT RAILWAY station in the morning. I had to wait for 220 people to before I could use. Do you think within 1 hour there would be 220 people of A/C class using ? THE RAILWAYS SHOULD PROVIDE TOILETS IN OTHER PLATFORMS ALSO. This will prevent overcrowding in the first platform. This is happening in many stations for paucity of space I am abstaining from going into the details. Please also provide for the OTHER CLASS passengers also THE FACILITY FOR TOILETS without fail. 2. Drinking water provision seems to be only a promise on paper . How is that Railways are not able to provide at least in District Head quarters Towns stations like TUTICORN. And there is no Railneer stall also in Tuticorin Jn. People have to walk 500 meters from the station to fetch at Rs. 20 /= This was brought to the notice by me 6 months back. Otherwise classify stations that will have stalls and piped drinking water available free. more  
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