Making Budget 2017 Citizen Oriented: Addl Inputs

Below are some of your key inputs on Budget 2017 and how to make it Citizen Oriented. Kindly review and share any additional inputs you have. We look forward to the inputs and will incorporate the same in the polls and submissions as appropriate.

Citizen Inputs for Budget 2017

1. Like dividends from companies and MFs are tax free, interest earned on bank deposits should also be made tax free
2. The income tax exemption limit should be raised to 5 lakhs
3. Insurance premium for loss of crops should be highly subsidized
4. Donations to political parties should be taxed
5. The budget should focus on reducing wasteful expenditure which is presently more than 30%. There are so many Boards, Corporations, commissions which have out lived their utility and should be defragmented
6. GST should be introduced Apr 1, independent of demonetisation
7. Advance Tax payment should be simplified since TDS covers most assesses. Advance Tax should be on actual income of previous quarter and not on projected income for full year
8. Railway passenger ticket fares should not be increased
9. Adequate Pension Scheme should be mandated for Large companies including government agencies
10. The sealing limit of taxable amount limit to the senior citizens are should be increased
11. More budgets should be created to pay off farmers loans
12. Cost of property registration should be reduced
13. Standard deduction for employees and pensioners should be reintroduced
14. Funding should be increased for traditional agriculture such as organic farming which do not use fertilizers and pesticides and hence keep the soil healthy for a long time
15. Make public transport systems cashless by using RFID cards. Transfers between buses or from bus to train (using cards) should be given suitable rebates to encourage the people to go cashless
16. Tax rebates should be given for all online purchases
17. Amendments should be made to labour and social security acts such as EPF & EPS Act. Gratuity Act, Minimum Wages Act to conform to the present conditions. more  

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It is futile to make any suggestion or input to the present government for making the budget citizens' friendly. I would not like to be a party to the political governance of India democracy where capitalism is the sole moot objective. more  
All MEDICARE policies specially for senior citizens must be exempted from Service Tax. more  
Additional inputs:- SUGGESTIONS FOR BOOK OF FORTUNE OF INDIA (BUDGET 2017-18) 1. Diversion subsidies (which have never demanded by people) into fee for higher education of poor students, skill development, employment generation and also for self employment. It is strongly recommended that some part of subsidies be diverted to fund the schemes of skill development and employment to achieve the speedy result of the same. For this purpose the govt should withdraw the subsidy of LPG of the consumers who’s annual income is six lakh and above, since in the present scenario the LPG prices are at lower level and the amount of subsidy is at low which do not justify a vital need of the well earning consumers, regardless of any political benefits the decision of the same would be very beneficial to the unemployed persons and aspiring students. Govt should also consider revising the other meaningless un-demanded subsidies. 2. Online Data base of unemployed & employed persons should be prepared in the portal so that accountability of employment generation is monitored and the balance in employment be maintained. 3. out sourcing of skill development be given at the enormous quantity with planned manner and assistance and subsidised fee. 4. Integrated public suvidha Kendra be set up in each gram panchayat & be linked with cpgram/ 5. Govt sponsored placement centres should also be established for employment in the India or abroad. 6. Budget expenditure management system should be placed online portal for the convenience of its analysis 7. Analysis of Previous year budget be placed online portal before two month of the new financial year budget. 8. Provision of close loop system of fund allocation is much desirable so that the allocated unexpended fund be come back & returned with extra amount of allocated in the previous year. 9. Set up of Engineering Standard Institution like Indian Standard Institute for the purpose to get the standard quality in various construction and engineering fields like construction, road development of industrial engineering infrastructures,repair,maintenance and installations etc. 10. Set up of Engineering Standard Institution of India for the standardisation of engineering services provided by the various private and public ltd companies including construction,and repairing of all kind of engineering service providers.A standard ESII Mark like ISI mark may be provided by ESII to the private companies, GOI is likely to get 50 thousand crores by issuing the ESII mark, by issuing the ESII mark the ban on B and C grade of construction & Engineering services will automatically be imposed. 11. Curb the expenditures on govt departments by 30% 12. Steps to be taken for restricting the PPP public private partnership by forming some new govt-public undertakings where common people can directly invest in those undertakings and become the partner. 13. Govt should intend to develop the undeveloped land to boost the need of Krushi yogya bhumi,or agricultural land,the same land will then be sold to the private farmers for agriculture. 14. Gruh udyog onece again should be promoted specially for female entrepreneurs. 15. In rural areas the Govt hospitals doctors should be given permission to practice privately in the evening,holidays or off working hours. 16. Spare or vacant land of govt colonies, schools etc can be rent out to the private institutions,NGOs and academicians for education and skill development purposes. 17. All the District hospitals should be upgraded to super speciality hospitals. 18. MGREGA projects should be introduced for the next level or advance level development of villages,i.e the same scheme may be introduced to develop hosptals,colleges and industrial complexes in villages or small towns. 19. Integrated centres of excellence should be set up in rural & urban areas for the purpose of advance learning and skill development. 20. A govt of India undertaking may be established for various consulting services needed for manufacturing,marketing,learning,skill development, start ups etc. Govt of India should start the movement named as “Kar daan abhiyaan”for the purpose of “jan jagruti”and motivation of people to pay taxes with the slogan”Kar eak daan hai bharat maata ki seva ke liye maha daan hai” 21. Setting up of amateur institutes of research in various fields where any research aspiration persons can take part in research and innovative ideas even NRI also come can join the same institute. 22. Govt should give full rights to the tax payers who pay any kind of taxes to the governments and semi govts, they can ask question and may intervene into the matters and works which are wrongly carried out by any govt or semi govt officials, if they want to do so. There by the rule of lodging the complaint by the govt officials for intervening or disturbing by the common person in discharging their duties or works which are unlawful or unjustified should be considered as abolished or terminated hence forth. 23. Govt can offer magnificent gift to the tax payers in the form term insurance,life insurance or medical insurance. more  
All the Suggestions cited in the post are of real great and pertinent value. Now all care should be taken to execute and implement them, can certainly alleviate the condition of citizen of India. more  
In the last 10-12 years our domestic saving rates have decreased gradually. Therefore to encourage savings following measures are essential. 1. IT slabs need to be raised every year as per Consumer Price Index automatically. 2. The 80C limit need be raised to Rs2.50 lakhs. 3. Government can generate Employment by undertaking massive Projects in Infrastructure built-up. Therefore government should float Infrastructure bonds apart from 80C limits of a) 7 years of 7% interest only for Retail Public, exempted from IT upto Rs50,000/-. b) For registered Indian Companies & firms, 7 years 6% interest, exempted upto Rs1Crore. c) For NRI & FII 10 years period, 6% interest with 10% TDS on interest if not Re-invested. 4. For Senior citizens interest earnt from Bank FDs/Debt Mutual fund exempted upto Rs1lakh 5. Travel & tourism will generate employment.Thus Actual Travel Expenses upto Rs25,000/ person for all family members for travel to any part of India need to be tax exempted with ceiling of 10% of gross income allowable every year. 6. To promote Cashless economy all the banks should not charge for all transactions upto Rs5000/-. There should be fuel surcharge of 5%. 7. The local government bodies should not accept cash more than Rs2000/-. The retailers should not accept cash more than Rs5000/-. The whole salers who file IT returns & mention Sales Tax registration & TAN should not accept cash more than Rs10,000/-. For Cashless transactions shown in IT Returns there need to be 2% tax waiver as an incentive. more  
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