Make RO machines with zero waste mandatory by Dec 2020

Excellent discussion here on localcircles on saving water

The need of the the hour here is for BIS to Direct RO manufacturers to give us machines with zero waste.

BIS please advise. To put things in perspective a city like Ludhiana is wasting 1.5 cr liters of water daily by RO purifying machines.

Golden opportunity. more  

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Kindly note, the very concept and design of RO (reverse osmosis) water filtration system requires that the membrane is "back flushed" to clear the sediment which would otherwise prevent the flow of clear water. Suggest that you use regular water filters (which work perfectly fine) for your requirements instead of getting conned into buying these expensive and complex RO filtration systems. more  
I would strongly recommend to invite some "knowledgable technocrat" to become member of this Group, someone who can unbiasedly advise about the "truth and reality in the matter".....

However, there's no harm distancing oneself from the so-called modern water purifier systems. In the good old days, a simple carbon filter was sufficient to convert river/rain water into the drinking type. Today, the industry is using the same method but naming it differently.

Hippocrates....what a name !......was the first to use a simple cloth filter to obtain potable water. But in those days......BC......the water available also used to be "nature-pure".

This is sadly not the case today. Hence, newer methods of purifying water have been developed and the industry is continuously brainwashing the masses.

I would strongly recommend for us to use our own comment sense and common judgement on how to obtain potable water.

Introduction of this so-called bottled water ...... or what they "fashionably" call "mineral water" is no guarantee that you get to drink natural and pure water.............only, you pay through your nose for that.....

It's a multi-billion dollar a year market, folks !!!!
Think !!! more  
Please suggest alternative technology in which there should not be any waste of water. Let us do research in this area more  

On Tue, 25 Jun 2019 10:37:59 +0530 Vinita Agrawal wrote
> more  
Here I must add that as per Ground Water level survey in Delhi. South Delhi has shown a rise in water tablet. Please check out this link which appeared in TOI, Delhi edition (26th June).

South Delhi locality turns the table, groundwater rises 2.75ft

copy paste the above link in your browser to read the article. more  
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