Maintaining Harmony in Cities - Addl Inputs

Given what Delhi, Aligarh and a few other parts of India have experienced in the last few days, it is important that we revisit the subject of peaceful protests and maintaining harmony. Based on your inputs, below are the things you have outlined that police can do to maintain harmony in towns. Kindly review and if you have additional inputs, please share.

Maintaining Local Harmony

1.The police must have close association and connectivity with the community
2.Citizen engagement must be a very core part of policing curriculum
3.The police should work to understand the problem well before taking action
4.Strict laws should be formulated to handle violent protests
5.Quick expectations should be set by the police to the protestors through media and if possible in person dialogue
6.Mega scale publicity should be done through all media on communal harmony and peaceful coexistence
7.Set timelines should be defined on how to deal with violent protests
8.In case violence erupts, army should immediately be called to control the situation
9.Caught vandals should be strictly dealt with and an example should be made on whats not acceptable
10.Electronic surveillance should be used and people should be made aware that they are watched
11.Network jammers should be installed in affected areas to make sure that the situation does not escalate. more  

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Why only cities? All over we must strive for peaceful dissent.
The primary cause is mis interpretation of laws for example the citizens act .
Second the exploitation of this dissentful opposed groups of population.and the opportunistic political parties.
Third the deliberate collusion of state govts in these anti law protests irrespective of merits .
Fourth the exploitation by unlawful forces,anti nationals,enemy countries ,terrorists .
The present stand by the GOI is very firm and correct ,but it should be supported by the govt machinery ,employees, responsible citizens ,freedom fighters ,sane political parties subscribing to the nationalism.
In this subject there is nowhere a hint of religion but of only neglected, exploited ,harassed minorgroups of other countries seeking to come back to India but for others the routine investigative,enquiry procedures are followed before a citizen ship is granted.
Painting this as a national calamity leading to holocast is crying wolf by anti ruling parties just to gain mileage .
The security situation is compromised.One CM is inviting UN for referendum,such reck less acts are on the border of sedition.
The home ministry,the GOI ,intelligence must handle it very carefully with some lenience to innocent students,citizens but identify the mischief mongers ,enemies of the country and politicians who are adding fuel to the situation and bring calm by dices usdions, debates, Iand B broadcasts,posters , take help of senior citizen groups etc.
There is no room to spread misinformation such as in this case of citizens act.
I salute the GOI by being clear and firm of this .Jaihind more  
Protests whether Political, Unions, Assn., Societies , Students, Doctors, or ANY SHALL NOT LEAD TO LOSSES TO Govt or General Public
It is a open secret that incidences like in Bengaluru are politically motivated/inspired. That's the reason why Police inaction is seen, which is clearly evident of the fact that ruling party wanted this incidence to happen. Such inactions needs to be probed and culprits should be booked for creating arson, chaos, etc. in all genuineness without any partisan attitude, which really doesn't happen. Officials of such parties calling for bandh should be booked against criminal offences with evidences should stand the testimony required in the Courts. more  
Protests whether Political, Unions, Assn., Societies , Students, Doctors, or ANY SHALL NOT LEAD TO LOSSES TO Govt or General Public
Two types of entities which indulge in blatant disruption of service must be identified, named and photographically identified in the public domain, and severest and swift action shall be taken against them.
1. Political,
2. Unlawful,

In case of border areas like Jammu and Kashmir, two more entities also shall be added in the list:
a) anti national (who do not swear by the Indian Constitution), and
b) externally funded terrorists.

It is necessary to regularly verify in all places of teachings and worship that any unlawful or antinational teaching to the young ones is not going on. more  
Those who are indulging in violence and arson in broad day light that too in front of the TV cameras as heroes should be punished severely and such punishments should be published in news papers. This will act as a detriment for any one to think of such vandalism. more  
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