Long Covid employment and govt support policies

An estimated 4 million workers in the U.S. are struggling to work because of debilitating symptoms from long COVID. The government is urging employers to provide accommodations to keep them on the job.

Similarly UK has over 2 million adults down with Long Covid

What is the India situation. I could only find Localcircles data from february.


Can a new survey be done to find the comprehensive situation post Omicron? more  

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It's so surprising that people who are so scared of cough/fever/cold aka covid turn a blind eye to healthy young people dying of heart attacks.. more  
Stop pushing more government intervention in all this. Let the government do its job as governing and protecting the country. We in India need to get away from socialist nanny state. more  
While visiting East Asian countries in 2019, before CV-19 became known, I noticed all/most of the commuters were wearing masks to safeguard against pollution in the air. Upon returning from that trip, I started wearing masks too. I was amazed that I had no cough, cold, sinus-related problem, influenza, and respiratory problems. And then we all came to know about CV-19. Since then I have been wearing masks, trying to maintain distance, and avoiding crowded places as much as possible. And, of course, I have taken suggested CV-19 vaccines. Thus far, I have been lucky. You all can try. more  
I Don't think that majority of the Indian population is being monitored for long Covid. They don't even understand what it means. However I have heard of various cases when people have died even after a few months of recovering from Covid. Forty year olds have dropped dead while playing tennis or running or exercising. Senior doctors on TV spoke about it in passing. No other action precautions were seriously taken on the subject. Some people after taking certain Covid vaccine were suffering with health issues. It was never openly investigated because the majority numbers who stayed healthy outweighed the small number who had adverse long term reactions. Not only in India but globally. It was hushed up for the greater good. Really tragic. more  
I also think much harm was done after the so called vaccine to people. India needs to get away from sheep mentality. We need to stop following what the west says. So much of this is so harmful. In US much of Covid related mandates and lockdowns were done to push a side of political agenda and much of real scientific community was hushed up. Now we are seeing the harm it has caused. more  
Even aged people with existing infection and one comorbidity are still losing life due to silent pneumonia leading to fibrosis and sepsis.... more  
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