Lockdown should not be relaxed in red zones

Mar 22: lockdown began in India
Cases: 191
% Positive: 1.3
Fatality: 2.1%
Districts: 70

May 17: Locakdown lifting begins in India

Cases: 90927
% Positive: 4.3
Fatality: 3.2%
Districts: ~550

Is lifting lockdown in 115 or so red districts really a good idea?

https://bit.ly/covid19-lockdown4-citizenpulse more  

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Can you tell how many days lockdown should continue? Lockdown is an emergence measure not for continuing for long. India's natural death per day is huge and that way death due to virus attack is quite neglible. Now a days no information from Govt. how many migrants are truly dieing in this lockdown? Is this not a responsibilty of Central Govt. to update? Lockdown has not made any big impact it simply caused a huge damage in economy & employment. It could be fruitful once Govt. made firm plan to take measures to control it instead of simply planning for continuation. Now no one knows how many days all establishments will partially functioning and who will compensate such huge loss? more  
Under this pretext Govt of India is reducing interest rates of its various saving schemes,specially meant for Senior Citizens.This is really pathetic for Senior Citizens.On one side Govt has announced 20Lakh Crore package for various schemes,and on the other punishing Senior Citizens by reducing interest rates. more  
COVID 19 is a pandemic and it is not easy to control. It is a time taking process to neutralize the disease. more  
lock down proved a very fruitful for our india . we are not law abiding people , without this lock down the sucess we achived was not possible. how much we are law abiding kindly reply to your soul .
inspite of such restrictions some black sheeps destroyed the sucess of lock down . money is having a great role in our lives , survival without money is very much difficult . but just have a thought money is there but your days are numbered . at that time can you celebrat your money

money should not be earned at the risk of your life . first save life then think of earnings please .
thanks more  
Lock down alone would not help in containing the infection unless the people are serious and sincere in complying with the requirements to make lock down successful in real sense. But what has been our experience during last 2 months of lock down? Moreover, all categories of activity can not be put on hold for an indefinite period. Our people from weaker sections have already been worstly hit and therefore, economical activities on a very selective basis need to be permitted. As predicted by the world experts, Covid19 is to stay for some time and its vaccine is likely to take another six months or so to come. Under such circumstances, we can't afford complete lock down indefinitely neither any nation of the world is doing so. We suppose to step forward along with other nations or will be dragged down to the bottom for decades to come. more  
Yes. Seriousness of citizen's is absolutely necessary. However , Administration in our country is not capable to handle such disaster. working class particularly who are the backbone of many physical activities are shattered , left un cared un attended by Govt and administration. This will bring serious impact in society ,politics and economy. A trust gap is visible. more  
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