LocalCircles - Demonetisation Poll and Way Forward

While most of you have outlined strong support for demonetisation, only 51% said the implementation has been good. Below is the survey report as covered by India Today and many others


With this post, we seek your inputs on what should be done to stimulate demand and ensure trade and business doesn't slow drastically and labour doesn't loose employment and earnings.

We look forward to specific inputs and then working with the Government to take actions! more  

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Idea was very good but implementation has been very poor. more  
Mobile ATM which was successful in another state. Make it compulsory for banks to make all ATMs operational or else confisticate the area & let another bank use it to install their ATM. Malls & shopkeepers with card reading machines should not ask the customer the pin no. The customer should be allowed to type in the pin no instead of orally saying it to the shopkeeper. Most malls & shopkeepers do not allow customers to touch their card reading machines & insist on the customer telling them their confidential PIN no. Hence, people resort to only cash transactions. more  
While the queue before banks in Bangalore are minimal, in Calcutta, Allahabad, Varanasi, etc. as shown by TV channels, are very long and people seem to get tired standing in queue for long hours. Why is this so. Is it because the banks in those places do not care about the suffering of the people or more black money is being converted through the poor people. The central government should look into this matter and take some remedial action. more  
Government should evolve method to restrict the exchange / deposit of old currency to the maximum amount held in respective account in previous 3 months. They should allow withdrawal from the account to the extant maximum of what they had in their account in previous 3 months. more  
Luckily the poor people in India are not wild else there would have been uncontrollable Law & Order Problem, because Exchange of Old Defunct Currency notes with new ones has been handled in very bad manner. It is a matter of common sense that when Old Defunct Currency is being exchanged, those who have stashed black money in jute bags in shape of INR of denomination Rs. 500/- & 1000/-, will try to get it exchanged to maximum possible extent by making use of the huge population of poor people who can stand in queue for months together if paid for doing so. In States where Assembly Elections have to take place shortly, no Identification Mark is being applied on fingers of those who exchange old currency notes with new ones. As a result there will remain endless lines of people for exchanging the old notes as this is being got done by those who have Crores and Crores of Black Money. The Anti-BJP and Anti-India Audio-visual Media (Indian TV Channels) are simply broadcasting the misery of the poor which people and media in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc. is not taking kindly. As a result those who were earlier praising Indian Govt. and PM Modi are not badly criticising. Most painful is to feel and observe that a large section of those in power in BJP too are sitting tight and doing nothing to try and help the situation. This gives the impression that even in BJP all are not honest and by and large many on BJP are as corrupt as the others. Hope those who must understand will understand this because irrespective of whether or not the poor public in U.P., in particular, is suffering is a matter of deep investigation but the impression, that goes through relentless broadcast of misery by Anti-BJP and Anti-India TV Channels, is that POORS ARE SUFFERING AND DYING AND BJP GOVT. IS SLEEPING AND DREAMING. more  
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