Lift accidents-My take

This refers to the post by Mr. Suri and polls on electric lifts following a recent accident. It was mentioned in the post that we should have a Mandatory lift Act and a body supervising all the lifts in India. As an electrical engineer having some knowledge of this type of equipment, I can say that there is already a comprehensive Indian (BIS) Standard 14665 in 4 parts (2000 and amendments) which supersedes several older standards and includes a LEGALLY BINDING part on the maintenance of this equipment. The Chief Electrical Inspector (CEIG) of the concerned State is responsible for enforcement and inspection along with all the other electrical installations of a facility.

As usual, the problem is not about Acts/Rules. There are enough rules and BIS constantly updates them in line with international (IEC) codes. As stated in the post, the problems are corruption and lack of oversight. Even if all requirements are met, there could be some graft involved. But in case of violations, the amount may increase substantially for ignoring them. No amount of laws and Acts will ever serve the purpose of ensuring safety under these conditions.

In addition to prosecuting the owner of the premises, there must be strict penalties to the maintenance agency and inspecting official who inspected and last certified the lift, especially if the failures involve safety provisions being overlooked. There must be proper records of inspection and photographic proof of each inspection to pinpoint the responsibility (because it is possible that in spite of the best intentions components can and do fail between inspections) even when everything is done by the book. This is where the additional fee charged by the manufacturers would help because they know their equipment best. Proper records of work done must be maintained and must be available with all the parties.

In short, there is no substitute for professionalism at work. more  

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A no. of societies are being run by a handful of individuals and their coteries, who not only lack in basic technical of housing equipment, but also extant rules/ regulations. They are guided by their whims and fancies, relies on mistiries for technical advice.For example: 1) flower tub (watering) was put inside the lift, 2) doormats of micro-fibre was placed on the floor, 3) emergency (rescue) key hole has been almost blocked, while putting wall tiles, etc. more  
I have not seen any inspection on lift being done in a particular building for the last 27 years...yes that building owners have AMC with Karnataka government approved electrical contractor... government employees knows that nothing will happen to their jobs, it is safe. In private sector now a days OTP link services are provided to confirm whether work done or not because private sector employees have accountibility... more  
In Mumbai the lift inspectors plight is that even if they inspect 10 lifts a day (which they dont) they will be able to visit a building once every four or five years. Mechanical/Electrical equipment like lifts require preventive maintenance and safeguards on a regular basis. A comprehensive overhual which includes replacing ropes, cables, switches is needed every 7 to 10 years. The pulleys, brakes and safety holds need physical inspection and replacement (not repair) once a decade. The carriage way and the cabin also need overhaul. People tend to take a casual view of this but neglect and disrespect of equipment is the recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Having new laws are not going to help. We need the private sector to be empowered to carry out inspections and wok on behalf of the regulator. more  
Authorized persons only should attend from recognized service providers registered under service and maintenance agencies act, These persons shall be on paid rolls with points to credit for quality contributions and timely deliveries. more  
@Balachandran S: Import of lifts should be allowed subject to the condition that authorised service agencies who will supply genuine parts must be are there in India. After all there are many imported equipment (Laptops, Train sets, Aircraft to mention a few) operating in India. Imported lifts should be certified for conformity to IS or IEC equivalent standards by official certifying agencies). more  
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