Lets attract global business to India

Foreign companies wanting to relocate to India with new investments will pay only 15% corporate tax now. This is a huge incentive for global companies to come to India at a time when trade wars are disrupting investment decisions. The circle must discuss how the Govt should recruit as many foreign companies to set up companies and factories here and what are the ease of doing business reforms needed. more  

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I have few suggestions: Infrastructure is one of the biggest problem in India. That causes companies too much money to deal with and they will not come and invest in a country that does not provide this. Roads to transport things that they make. Electricity and ease of getting connected. Government regulations and red tape at each level. They would love to set up where the labor and other overhead costs are less but the infrastructure is a problem. more  
For International competition labor laws requires drastic change,may not be as tough as China but should be on similar lines.Presently our labor production capacity is much less then China.Also more and more of automation has to be done,so that production cost can be reduced to a competative level. more  
Manufacturing Cost and Quality plays vital Role and Country shall have strict Rules in support of NATION more  
Dear Shri Kaushikk Vyas,
Thank you for your response. You are right in one respect, that is joblessness is increasing everywhere. And this is because of automation and the consequent change in labor profile in manufacturing industries. But on all other points I beg to differ with you.
We must appreciate that with globalization no country can remain immune to cut-throat competition. China became prosperous only because of their autocratic rule and exploitation of labor who were treated like animals. Now their living standard has improved and they are getting more and more benefits. Another very important factor about China is that they can steal the technology from anybody and make it their own. It is a wishful thinking that Chinese model can be implemented in India.
For a country like India with such mammoth population and mouths to feed is it possible to see the rights and welfare of only one section of organized labor and ignore the masses? No responsible government can do it. Of course there should be a balanced approach wherein the productive employees get good reward and the employer should also get reasonable profit for his risk and the capital employed.
When more and more industries set up shop in the country there will be more employment opportunities and automatically more demand for skilled manpower which will in turn get better remuneration.
Another important crying need is the reforms in education system. Now more than 50% of engineering graduates are unemployable because of lack of skills need in the modern industry (see the reported remarks of Metroman Shri E Sreedharan who is a well accomplished and non corrupt engineer). More than 80% of arts and science graduates are simply unemployable in the present work environment.
Regarding WTO rules please understand that world is changing and what was said at the time of formation of WTO will not perpetually hold good for all times to come. Only countries, societies and people who evolve according to changing times will survive in the modern world of cut-throat competition. Others will be just beggars who may have to depend on government doles.
It is again naive to think that all parties will come together with a similar idea for the good of the society. This is not at all thinkable at present, at least in Indian context.
Regarding communists please update yourself. Communists are thrown out from WB and Tripura and in last LS elections leftists got only one seat out of 20 in Kerala. In next assembly elections (2021) communists will not exist in Kerala also. more  
I have a suggestion to make in the form of an attachment. Friends please comment on it. more  
Joint ventures may be the solution. more  
Correct minimum 25% Public Participation more  
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