For long, we have been discussing MCF.

The credibility of MCF is at the lowest ebb, where 'performance' is only a casualty and not a matter of routine. To understand the current situation of Faridabad/Ballabgarh twin cities, this narration will literally apply. Someone came to Faridabad and innocently asked, if there has been an earthquake here? The reply was 'No - two planets collided and the debris fell here.

MCF knows where to dig? but does not know what to construct or when to remove. The whole city has in shambles for years and it is no exaggeration.

If one is to list down as to what has made Faridabad/ Ballabhgarh as unlivable cities in India; more particularly in NCR, the following 8 factors could be listed:

1. Road Condition - in both the cities, it will be difficult to find one furlong of good road. Most roads are damaged or half or badly constructed,

Firstly, road work will start just before onset of monsoon; so roads will be washed away, in next few days. During rains, MCF Staff can be seen throwing kachchi rori/ brick halfs in big guddhas, which later get spreads on road here and there. After the rains are over, no work will ever take place. Probably because, the budget is already exhausted in salaries. I wonder, why a clause is not attached to the road construction contract that repairs is the responsibility of the contractor.

In the industrial area, the situation is even worst. There are area, where no approach exists for entry into the factory and still the association of industries, is cool and helpless.

2. Water Drainage System - if exists, does not work or does not exist. No cleaning work of openings is undertaken before onset of rains. So, a single heavy shower will make the whole city - a hell.

3. Open Space on Both Sides of Roads - has been left unattended either for unauthorized occupation or for the street vendors. Haphazardly grown vegetation, garbage, filth keep lying every where.

MCF should construct roads - edge to edge or invite residents/ factory owners to develop open area from their premises up to the road with greenery/ trees etc. But the dirt and dust must go and no unauthorized grab of the area be allowed by anyone.

4. Three Wheeler - the most awkward of Faridabad, making the worst show on road.

Thousands of 3-wheeler keep plying throughout the day, creating chaos. Most 3-wheeler are driven by rude drivers, which heavily pollute the city. Most vehicles are unfit for roads, carrying 8 to 10 passengers; not bothered for accidents. They can stop anywhere and everywhere and deliberately stop to take passengers, right in the middle or at turning points of roads, thus blocking visibility to other traffic. They may park their vehicles hither and thither, haphazardly and all this is a very common sight at Faridabad / Ballabgarh.

Agreed, 3-wheeler are the only source for city transportation and helping people to reach their place of work. Unfortunately, MCF has failed to provide any alternate to this system. But we should not forget that it makes totally an indecent show in the city. MCF must control their activities and issue licence to them to operate with due guidelines, fixation of fare, with fixed number of passengers and if they fail, their licence should be cancelled. It should be mandatory for them to display the valid licence on the rear of every 3-wheeler, so that unauthorized 3-wheeler could be tracked down.

5. Dust, Dust & Dust - Yes , this is what Faridabad is Farida - bad - It is dust everywhere. No other explanation. No other words. Even traffic police can be seen with roomal tied on their face. All trees and vegetation can be seen with thick layer of dust. We can see visible suspended dust in the atmosphere, every where. Less harm from industries and vehicle pollution than from dust.

Haryana Pollution Deptt will fine any industry for a small reason; but has never suggested MCF on this menace. Who cares for the health of the residents? The city goes on.

6. Street Venders - It starts with Andewala, Fried fishwala, Soupwala, Juicewala, Jalebiwala, Ganne-ke-raswala, Tarboojwala, keleywala, Pani-ke-batashewala, Samoseywala, Dosawala, Momoeswala, Dal-chawal-rotiwala, Paratheywala, Panwala, Kachoriwala, Bhaji-tarkari-katephalwala, Papiteywala, Annanaswala, Chaeywala, biscuitwala, Joote-chappalwala, Readymade garmentswala, Hazamatwala, Cold drinkwala, Packaged waterwala, Namkeenwala, Pakoriwala and who not and what not wala selling their things in the open and dusty atmosphere, many times near to a garbage area or a open drain or on a muddy site.

Thanks to our Food Deptt. as it must be working on the theory of ' Buyer Beware'. It is for the public to think what they eat and if they get sick, it is their problem.

MCF must make a plan as to how street traders could be accommodated into public places without bringing dirt and disorderly chaos. Why not construct booths for them?

7. Defecation in the open - After all it is not the second largest slum area for nothing.

8. Sensitivity - Hindi word for sensitivity is 'sam-vedan-sheelta' and the opposite is 'sam-vedan-heenta'. I feel Hindi version conveys better expression.

When we do a thing or we are indifferent towards what is happening around us, without visualizing the difficulties of a common man, surely we are sam-vedan-heen as it shows in us that everybody else is a vermin, who will find his own way, somehow.

Unfortunately, people engaged in MCF seems to have developed this nature and are totally 'sam-vedan-heen'. Sometimes I feel , I must invite the MCF top brass to come and see the condition of the city.

I wonder from where the budget suddenly materializes, if there is to be a visit of the Chief Minister, when leepa-potee is done overnight? I also wonder, if the visiting Chief Minister is so unaware of this? This shows sam-vedan-heenta.

Road construction material is left right in the mid of the road, which keep lying for many many days. A pit is dug and not filled and no care that someone may fall or it can cause serious accident during rains. Open drains are cleaned and the filth is left there itself - no removal for days and months . This shows sam-vedan-heenta.

There are area in Faridabad, which were dirty 40 years back and are dirty even today. This shows sam-vedan-heenta.

These are only few examples. The whole city is full with such quotable quotes. But none in MCF seems to be concerned to look after the welfare of citizens. It may look to be harsh in words but a spade is a spade and has to be called a spade, always.

Let us discuss, who is worst affected - The poorest of poor? Rich are least bothered. They move in AC cars. Only cycle, riksha-wala, pedestrians and traffic Police are the most affected lot. I pray for them. I also appreciate all traffic constables, who execute their duties in such bad conditions and do not complain.

It is a simple fact - citizens can keep their homes neat and tidy, but roads and surrounding have to be developed by MCF.

Let there be increase in taxes. Let Faridabad be made a city of 'Fines' for the offenders. Let MCF find ways and means to raise funds. Let MCF invite public / industries for improving conditions of Faridabad. Let the employees of MCF, who do not want to own the responsibility of makeover, call it a day and give way to others to takeover. But make over of Faridabad/ Ballabgarh should become a broader program of work for MCF and with no delays.

A strong Task Force Group with public participation be made to suggest ways and means, as to how the conditions at Faridabad/Ballabhgarh can be improved.

I hope the readers of this blog will understand the feelings of a commoner. Therefore, unless the bias of govt. agencies including MCF get changed, cities can never be made over. We do not expect heaven to come to our cities, but we do deserve clean and hygienic cities.

PS - I request readers to give their suggestions. more  

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In residential areas residents making two gates on there front wall and extended there wall towards road so it's becomes difficult for others to park or turn their cars or even walk on foot path but complaint against it in MCF but no any action has been taken till now more  
Mr. Saxena you have said every thing absolutely right,there is no intention of admin. to improve people life more  
Conditions of the roads are worst , Sewers are found leaking , Electricity is having maximum cut , cleanliness is again coming to same position . This is my faridabad . more  
It looks MCF don't have qualified and trained skilled manpower to undertake jobs. It requires lot of brain storming and conceptualisation of project to be started. Just rushing to the task and starting in haphazard manner paralyses the city's growth. MCF governing body must think of cost involved as well. If they do not have skill available, they may take the help of experts. more  
Road touching / connecting pocket D & E is not yet completed even after 4 months . It is hardly a days work as only Coal Tar lining is to be laid but MCF is sleeping . more  
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