Lesson from USA

This attached is a must watch for all in the circle and share too. This is from Texas USA after the recent snow shutdown and power outages. It was climate change 101.

If we Indians dont take care of it, we will also be standing in line soon one of these days like the Americans. We have in the past but the affluent havent. They will too, if we dont take care of the environment.

Wake up call. more  

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The only way to save Mother Earth is current set of Politicians worldwide should quit Politics asap. That's the only thing that can reverse Global warming. It seems even a.5 degree centigrade rise in global temperature would cause a severe impact on our Planet. In the name of 'Globalization' these notorious bandicoots have more or less destroyed the Earth. Few years back there was a news article about Chennai and Bangalore cities going 100% dry (ground water depletion) by 2020. Fortunately, by God's grace, monsoon rains are saving these two cities so far. But if you ask the State Governments for any mitigation plan with them, they would be blinking......... That's the quality of bureaucrats and leaders our country is blessed with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our leaders don't believe in Prevention & Permanent solution b'cos it would affect their commission income and the purpose of coming to power is lost, so they will always wait for a disaster to happen..... more  
There are very adverse effect on climate changes and it needs the attention of environmentalists. more  
If we cannot check population explosion, poverty and exploitation, pollution, deforestation, communalism and religious fanaticism and biological and geographical weapons, no human beings will be left on our planet full of beauties and resources to tell the tale of humanity and other beings which once flourished on mother Earth. more  
All efforts and campaigns to protect environment would fail in the light of unsustainable net population increase of more than 1 crore per year. Additional population needs put pressure on water, air, land, green cover, etc etc, in shorty, a very negative impact on our environment. We are fond of using models of US/European countries but forget that all of them have sustainable population growth and therefore ignore that completely. more  
First principle is WASTE NOT, WANT NOT. Do not waste rainwater. Do not waste food. more  
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