Kashmir & Article 370

Lets debate Kashmir & Article 370
1) Instrument of Accession: As per the instrument of accession , Kashmir, acceded to India, as per the wishes of the then Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh. Its assession to India is full and final. If Kashmirs accession to India is questioned, creation of Pakistan has to be questioned.
2) Land and Population: Creation of Pakistan was very unjustified to the non Muslims. By accepting division of their ancient land, Hindus did not get land (property) nor peace. While Non Muslim , India got 70% of the land , it got 80% of the population ( Muslims of India did not immigrate to Pakistan). Thereafter , all non muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists of Pakistan and Bangladesh have been systematically been driven off from those lands. So the population of India has increased by influx of the refugees of Pakistan and Bangladesh too!! So much is the religious persecution in Pak and Bangladesh that the Non Muslim Population which was more than 10-15% at the time of Independece is less than 3% in Pak and the same is less than 7% in Bangladesh. On the other hand the Muslim population in India has grown from 12% to 14%.
3) Right to secede: Giving right to Kashmiris ( and that too those belonging to the valley) to decide whom to stay with is not at all justified. Why should the right to secede be given to people of only one faith and Kashmiris. Why should people of certain faith be able to decide who should be the citizens of their land? If this right is given to non muslims, what would happen to muslim population living in India?? Also Kashmiris are not Kashmiri Muslims of Valley alone!! They are Hindus of Kashmir esp the Pandits who have been driven away, Hindus, Dogras, Gujjars of Jammu, people of Leh etc.
4) Insecurities of Non Muslims esp Hindus: Hindus think and rightly so that their land was conquered by the Moghuls and then partitioned in areas where Muslims were in majority. Similar thing is sought to be done in Kashmir today. Tomorrow it will be Assam, then WB, then Maharashtra.
5) Secularism: On the contrary, India should ask for more land from Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Organization of Islamic Countries, so that we remain secular forever.
6) Article 370: Why should Kashmiris have the right to buy land in India and Indians no right to buy land in Kashmir??? This is gross injustice to other Indians who have sacrificed so much to uphold secularism. Article 370 was a mistake of Nehru and giving away part of Kashmir to Pakistan was a bigger mistake of Nehru and Congress. Article 370, which was a temporary measure should be abolished right away!!
We should not shy away from debate on Kashmir and on Article 370 and take up this issue right into Pakistan and their theocratic friends and OIC, Organization of Islamic Countries, which constantly reminds us about rights of Kashmiris alone, just because they are Muslims!!
Maunal Gandhi more  

Every issue has its time and place to get justice. The founder of Jan Sangh (pre-cursor of BJP) - Sri S P Mookherjee, MP was jailed by Nehru in Kashmir protesting against Art 370 and died in jail there as a detenu. We have waited and suffered for so long on the bungled Nehruvian legacy of Kashmir, that we ought to take our own time to shrewdly decide the best way to overcome it. And right now it does not seem to be right in timing. Every allowance needs to be given now to change tack in the subcontinent and get the people of Pakistan engaged - as there seems to be realization in them that they have been misled by their military and feudal elites all along. From that angle the initiative of Mr. Modi inviting Nawaz Sharif is an astute move, and same can be seen from Mr Sharif's side as well, as he is trying to out-manouvre the military who have a vested interest in the Kashmir issue to keep them relevant. Watch there has been no mention of Kashmir by Pakistan lately - with a clear desire to get onto India's initiative to develop and grow economically. more  
Why should a call for debate create a furore. The debate will also generate awareness in the younger generation who will understand why article 370 does not fit into the framework of today's India. Kashmir is a part of India , article 370 or not ! Let the Nation debate and decide ! more  
It should be revocked more  
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