There are two professions in India and all over the world that seem to have no entry barrier. Anyone can get in and get out at any time.

One is politics ( yes, people from all sorts of background with or without formal education enter politics at various levels these days to get powerful positions and make money and are much different from the earlier days when people entered politics sacrificing their personal interests for the national good) and journalism ( Yes. Job seekers largely view journalism as profession and more as an earning opportunity and for getting known , rather than viewing it as an opportunity to set the wrong to become right and fight for larger national good).

Both politicians and journalists largely influence the mood of the country men and except for a very few, they do not perceive and recognize the lofty ideals of these two professions, which should reflect on their desire for noble cause.

This scenario is much different from the scenario in India a few decades back when most politicians and journalists were viewed as role models for younger generation. No doubt, India is suffering today heavily due to the fall in the standards of politicians and journalists which is certainly not a flattering remark but very much close to the ground realities.

Frequently ,politicians and journalists are accused of heinous crimes like rape, corrupt practices. collusion with criminals etc.

While, by and large ,people seem to have reconciled themselves to the negative view that politicians in India cannot anymore reach the standards that were set up in the pre independent days and the years immediately after post independence, there is still hope amongst the people that the journalists should and will play the role expected of them. While it is a fact that most of the journalists seem to behave like half politicians taking sides and having prejudiced views, there are still a few cases where journalists uphold the value systems as per the expectations of people. But, they are few and far between and do not get the attention , popularity and publicity that they deserve.

Today, it is very well known that several business houses , politicians, motivated activists group and religious institutions own media houses in both print and visual media. They recruit only such journalists, who can bend their views to meet the needs and expectations of the promoters, most of whom have vested interests. The journalists who are not willing to compromise often find themselves out of jobs and even driven in to poverty conditions.

It is even increasingly becoming difficult to get articles and investigative reports published in media ,unless it would meet the needs of the promoters in one way or the other.

While journalists and journalism in India have some code of conduct and several organisations for journalists exist, which are supposed to uphold the journalistic ethics, they do not serve the intended purpose, as they are controlled and managed by media representatives who belong to various media that are not independent in approach and viewpoint.

What is increasingly disturbing is the fact that several allegations appear in various newspapers and journals and television media about events and people, which are not substantiated by proof . Many times, it is said that the information has come from “ from reliable sources” and nobody knows as to which is the reliable source and what is the real source of information.

When the journalists are challenged to prove their source of information, they claim media freedom and say that they have a right to protect someone by not revea ling their identity who gave them the information and they have the liberty not to reveal the source of data and information. Is this not an unethical practice?This causes suspicion.

When the complaints are made about motivated campaign in the media, the association of journalists ,which are many in number, join together and conduct protest meetings and morchas condemning the government and those who make complaints. Again, such protest of the journalists are prominently published by the media,but not the point of view of those who lodge the complaints.

Under such circumstances, one gets an impression that media has become a profession that is free for all and concept of media freedom has gone to ridiculous level. Even the government often hesitates to take action against erring journalists fearing media backlash.

While science and technologies are rapidly developing, and specialisations in every field have become a necessity to comment about the developments knowledgeably, many journalists seem to think that they can comment on any subject where they have no particular expertise. We often see TV debates conducted by the same anchor who comment on issues related to nuclear power on one day, irrigation problem on another day, farmers woes on third day and educational policies on the next day. They often invite politicians and activists to speak on such issues, who may not have particular expertise in the field.

Indian journalism is now sliding dangerously and it is not good for the social fabric of the country in the short and long run.

Happily, there are still highly principled journalists in our midst and they need to assert themselves and stem the rot and concerned people should support such journalists of high standard. The cry that the journalists need entry barrier would become louder in the coming period.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived more  

Absolutely needed only limited accredition must be granted for news channels and reporters which needs grading in true reporting Many are in their field with little integrity and even blackmail in many instances ,caught in cases, scandals such people must be blacklisted and removed from the employment.
Many get close to powers in their period of rule, toe their line ,finally repaid by the party by a MLA,MP,MLC,Rajyasabha nomination.Many are in big committees of sports raking in contracts, positions in bodies and to term them they are parasites of the society is a understatement.
We must cleanse the field ,identify grant permission to operate in sensitive areas and
Create a credibility in this field .
Granting of jobs after police screening and background check is a must in this field as many criminal elements are in this field in some channels. more  
UP News in Social Media by a Journalist became a hot topic. INDIA need to Regulate mission of Media. Whats App etc., Social Media to be curbed. more  
Quite right. Senior journalists are even threatening the security forces if they are not allowed inside high security zones. So much clout they have with the politicians. Someone must move petitions to streamline both. more  
Root cause for Development or Downfall ; Growth OR Destruction are only POLITICAL AUTHORITIES AND JOURNALISTS. The 3 Pillars of Constitution , Media the 4th , together with all GOVERNING Bodies Know this .
Till today , the mystery of the death or voluntary anonymity of Netaji Subash Chandrabose of Jai Hind is a guarded treasure .

Those who had died took away the secrets with them ; perhaps, that too swearing in the name of Ishwar .

Unsolved problems galore.

After Independence in 1947 , India developed in two directions of
macro-nationalism and micro-nationalism .

Macro >> 1. One political entity
2. One direction under guidance and dictation
3. Consolidation of Independence

Micro >> 1. Change Indians
2. Humanist Leaderships
3. Raise Standards of Living of nationals
4. Moderate relations between Indian States

Therefore, Journalists ,Journalism , Politics ,Politicians , Science and Technologies are rapidly developing and specializations in every field have become a necessity to comment about the skillful developments knowledgeably reducing the gaps and rifts in India's Generations .

Under such crazy circumstances , let me freely medicate your spirits with the stanzas thunderer.

Hurray for those who have never invented anything
Hurray for those who have never explored anything
Hurray for those who have never conquered anything
Hurray for those who are playing the play of the world
Hurray for those who are seized by the rhythm of things . more  
Duties and Responsibilities well defined by both CONSTITUTION AND SUPREME COURT but PRIME issues of both Duties and Responsibilities HSD BEEN IGNORED/ NEGLECTED/ SET ASIDE BY ALL THE 4 PILLARS OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY.

The Election results of 2014 , 2019 , Suggestions and Comments of H'BLE PRESIDENT and 3 CJI s in last 3 years also prove the same .
Strict REFORMATORY Regulations in many are fast needed please. more  
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