its should be a part of central governments.

the registration for new vehicle must be stop. & permits for new vehicles must be stop atonce.and its the sole duty of the central government to see each and every vehicles of the states to looks after the PUC while presenting the registration online and all the vehicles must have CNG kits .even its old or new vehicles banning the 15 year old vehicles is not the right idea because its the hard earn money that people buy the vehicles. more  

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With the introduction of new motor vehicle Act, the registration of all Vehicles should be Centralised. more  
Dear friends,
here would like to mention that our Governments are spending huge amounts - hundreds of crores for developing road side plantation to control pollution - telangana government had planted trees in last year starting of rainy season, they had planted crores of plants and also spent crores of amount for protecting and erected tree fencing for all trees planted. the very next month water works department had dug total strentch of these roads and pulled out trees and tree fencing and had laid pipeline. and not bothered to replace with other trees and still had not done anything - not even relaid road they had dug - government is spending public money and planting trees and same government is not bothered about replacing the same - (this we can see from all parts of the city - one such example is from Balaji Nagar in Yapral to road leading to Yapral Bus Stop, under Alwal Municipal limits in Hyderabad)

We citizens discuss on scrapping our own bought vehicles spending hard earned money - let government convert all busses, all government vehicles used by all officials, then let them control industries, commercial vehicles and then let them say something on public vehicles. till then all friends put pressure on Government and not suggest how to scrap our vehicles.

further want to mention that on every corner of road, traffic cops will wait to challan any vehicles without pollution contol certificate and sure all public will maintan their vehicles to be under pollution control level.

thanks, vishwanath more  
All suggestions given are very good to read. The corruption in the Transport Office only will decide what actually is fir and not fit. Therefore this rule will only ensure huge money going as bribe to keep your vehicle fir because you have purchases with hard earned money. Therefore the Government should consider and reduce the formalities for the second 15 year term the tax and process. more  
Banning 15 years and more aged vehicle without checking condition is unethical.Some well maintained vehicles give better emission and safety.Can we do this to humans. We consider vehicles as God and does pooja.Dont they deserve better treatment? more  
All the proposals made are possible only if there is adequate and comfortable and economical public transport system. This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN ANY CITY IN INDIA EVEN OVER THE NEXT 50 years.
YES...... with the action now being taken on providing Public transport systems, we are headed in the right direction.
I agree that age should not be the criteria for rejecting vehicles. Emission levels should be the basic criteria, but everyone knows how to get a trumped up PUC Certificate with some extra money.....
The main solution of EVs, though effective, will take a long time to become a common practice. The first thing, however, should be to convert all PUBLIC Transport into Electrically Driven Vehicles, including Trucks on highways. more  
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