Issue with a320 neo (Indigo, Air India Vistara and Go)

In case you didnt know, Airbus has identified a problem with the centre of gravity envelope of A320neo planes and all the subject airlines need to make sure they keep the rearmost of its five cargo compartment empty

(DGCA), which will not issue its own Airworthiness Directive (AD) to airlines in this regard, has asked Indian operators of Airbus A320 Neo family planes, including A32 Neo, to follow a 31 July directive by European civil aviation regulator, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The EASA directed airlines operating similar planes to limit center of gravity envelope of the aircraft by limiting cargo intake inside the plane so that this problem doesn’t arise on such aircraft during flight.

To implement this directive, Indian operators of Airbus A320 Neo planes will have to keep the rearmost of its five cargo compartment empty to prevent an excessive rear centre of gravity which could lead to the aircraft to a nose dive under certain conditions. This will bring down the total cargo capacity of such airlines by atleast 1.5 tonnes. more  

The views in POSTS of S/Shri Santhosh Hegde (Engineer retired) and Satish Shah need careful and urgent attention. With flying air craft no known chance can be taken. DGCA must be responsible for any such mishap and at least one top head must roll in such mishap. DGCA must come on record that they have considered suggestion of Shri Santhosh Hegde before granting the aircraft to be operational for passenger traffic.
RYK. more  
If it is centre of gravity issue and last 5 Cargo compartment should be sealed as per safety requirements ... more  
Life of a Human being is weighing in terms of money i.e. provide compensation in event of mis happening and ALL DIRECTORATE PERSONAL WILL GO SCOT-FREE FOR NOT TAKING COGNIZANCE AND for not following directives DGCA ( INTERNATIONAL) more  
so it is not an engine problem. more  
We will find some jugaar to overcome this. After all we are proud Indian. more  
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