Irritating newsapapers

Irritating News papers

Newspapers live on us.
They take money from us.
They proudly publish many fake news items, manufactured.

Forget the fake news.
Forget about what and how they report.

But they forget the CLIENTS!
Always remember the real owners only!

Why are they making it extremely difficult
for the clients to HOLD and read the paper!

Let them have as many advertisements as they can get.



Don't they understand they are irritating their "masters", namely the readers on whose money they eat everyday, run the paper and get advertisements?

Coming to the customers, why are we accepting all this nonsense, while we complain as a customer only about warranty, guarantee, quality, late delivery, improper service etc when buying a product?

Do we assign QUALITY only to products purchased and, newspapers do not qualify as a product?

Most of these product purchases are one time purchases.
But newspapers are purchased everyday

Let us calculate the daily turnover of any leading newspaper and compare it with the annual turn over of any leading brand product on which we complain.

The newspaper industry is very very happy with our thick skinned attitude, because of our silence while spending collectively a HUGE, LARGE money daily that silently reaches their pockets. more  

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Yes, It is totally correct for both print media and T V . They earn from advertisements and from us too. Yet they are not doing what they are expected to do. Something need to be done to control. more  
Our whitepaper concluded still waiting for Regulationsg Code of Print & Electronic Media which is a must to inspire Nation and Public Oriented JOURNALISM.
Yes and I agree completely more  
it is a foolish and negative idea. we always tear off the protruding strip and throw so we can read the paper conveniently. more  
Absolutely correct and if so many advertisements, then why should be cost for purchase of a newspaper ??? It should be absolutely free or else there should be limited advertisement and there should not be front page advertisement. more  
it is not only the newspaper but also media on tv same that is the reason one should not waste time reading on politics since it is meaningless to hear the uneducated politicians talk and then deny .Better read sports etc news on newspaper and on tv or scientific channels like discovery/national geography to enhance your knowledge.
Politicians will say something today and completely deny the next day. more  
The supplements of every newspaper is a paid advertisement forum for all kinds of actors and people from the film industry, including the failed ones. Advertisements are falsely presented as news. There are supplements on property which contain paid articles containing false information on property trends, couched as news. As to the main news paper, it is no longer possible to go through the headlines in a hurry, because the first few pages, including the half cut ones and ones with extra flaps, push the actual first page down by 3-4 pages. I simply tear away all the irritating pages and throw away without even looking. This is my way of protest. The advertiser therefore looses atleast one set of eyes. more  
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