Inputs Sought: Top Govt Priorities for 2015

In January 2015, collectively our circle had identified the top 3 Central Govt priorities for 2015 from a citizens perspective which are listed below.

With just a couple of months left in 2015, what do your propose the Govt should do as immediate measures in these 3 priority areas.

Also, if you feel progress has been made in these areas, please share your views.

Top 3 2015 priorities for Central Govt - Identified by Citizens in Jan 2015

1) MAKE BUREAUCRACY DELIVER - Through aggressive and objective performance management, empowerment, transparency and
accountability make the bureaucracy deliver. All big promises/campaigns of 2014 need to show solid progress in 2015.

2) ENSURE SAFETY OF WOMEN & CHILDREN - Stricter law enforcement,citizen oriented policing and expedited processing of such cases within
legal system. Marked progress and reduction in these cases is a clear citizen demand for 2015.

3) MASSIVE REDUCTION IN CORRUPTION - Drive the menace of corruption out of central and state Government systems and business through law
enforcement, systems & citizen participation. India is waiting to see action on this for long and demands real progress in 2015. Freeing up of
funds, opportunities, development that can happen by addressing this menace is huge. more  

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In Home Dept. of Kerala,files recommending disciplinary action against the "Criminals in Uniform" are effectively removed from the table of the D.G.P. by their Association members,either due to "fear or favour".So, no such criminals are ever punished and they remain loyal to their political masters,despite being paid from the Public Exchequer. Nearly all I.P.S. officials are either brought under "political control" or shunted out of the State. Un-corrupted I.A.S. officials are treated like "mental patients" eg.Shri Raju Narayana Swamy I.A.S. ,who left a very comfortable job at the U.N. to serve his country and his family.
Recently, important files of , containing evidence of some corrupt deals ,were found in a garbage heap, outside the offices of the Cochin Corporation. This is how the so-called "public servants" do their duty, in the public interest !! They will,undeniably, continue to do so , as long as they are all recruited by the various criminalised political parties that come to power by fooling the people as to their real intentions."Corruption is a global phenomenon" declared one very infamous ex-PM, who was later mercilessly assassinated by the security personnel who represented a minority community whose religious sentiments were simply ignored by this foolhardy PM. This stands as an example of why there must be absolute religious tolerance in India. All kinds of religious bigotry must be terminated immediately,failing which such tragedies may recur,again and again.History repeats itself in nations which prefer to forget the lessons of History (and Her-story as well). more  
During the Emergency period,barring a few sporadic incidents of atrocities by the Home Dept. , all the above 3 priorities were strictly implemented , in Kerala State, by the then CM Shri Achutha Menon and HM Shri K.Karunakaran. All kinds of extravagant expenditure , on Real Estate (the main source of Black Money) was effectively curtailed. As a result, the Aam Aadmi voted massively for the Congress govt. to be returned to power , for more effective public administration. However, after the Emergency , the Opposition parties effectively sabotaged the whole system using their clout amongst the public servants , raising all kinds of demands for enhancing their income,while at the same time ,shirking their duty to the public. The result was as expected and soon the Congress was voted out.

The above illustration has been provided to stress the need for more disciplined service in all Govt. departments ,which deal with the Aam Aadmi,directly or indirectly. Unless all kinds of anti-BJP govt. propaganda is strictly neutralised by the concerned Gr. A level officers, the lower level of politically volatile officials are likely to bring in concerted efforts intended to malign the Central Govt., in one way or another. Any kind of official delay in providing urgent financial/legal benefits to the less privileged strata of society ,will definitely cause great harm to the concerned govt. dept. ,either under the Central or State govt. To avoid such situations, all govt. files (and computerised data)need to be strictly monitored by the concerned Ministries .During the Emergency, every Dept. file was fixed with a Time Chart , to ensure speedy clearance .Thus no file could be un-necessarily delayed at any level , by any politically motivated "servant" . more  
The most important factor is definitely accountability ,but there should
also be fear ofquick action for non performance.People shouldnot take
democracy to understand that they are free to do any thing due to slow
movement of delivery of action.The quantum of action should commensurate
with the quantum of empowerment .We have still the IPC and Crpc which was
brought by the Britishers mostly to deal with Indians particularly those
fighting for Independence but the politicians after independence allowed it
to continue for using them for their selfish ends as a result the public
servants feel they are the kings and not the public servants in real
sense.For streamlining of administration it is very essential to enforce
the sense of service provider among the civil and police personnels only
then the sense of belonging will come and our country will stand parallel
to USA UK and other countries.In these countries people feel safe if they
inform police about their problems but can we say the same for police
administration of our country, definitely not rather people are afraid of
illegal harrassement if they do file an FIR.If you have a strong political
or administrative backing only then you are heard otherwise not .We will
have to endeavor hard for changing this concept to make our country a
decent place to ive in. more  
1. Ensure that e-mail ids and web sites of all the government bodies are updated and are in working order. Interim / final reply should be ensured.
2. Declare that there will be no tolerance on 'corruption'. It appears that the government is neither serious nor capable to do anything in this matter.
3. Ensure that all the plans / projects / ideas indicated by government agencies commit a date of implementation. more  
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