Innovation/R&D in India - Key Issues

India as a country has historically lacked in Innovation, Research and Development. As a result, India has not produced best in class jets, defence technology, medical devices like stents, gadgets like apple or internet services like google, whatsapp etc.

With this post, we would like to seek your inputs on various issues related to innovation/R&D in India.

Once we understand the issues, we will go into root causes and solutions separately to come up with a comprehensive whitepaper for the Central Government to boost innovation/R&D in India.

We look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta more  

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Dear Sir,
I hope I am wrong.  But I have had the sad experience that none of the worthies in BJP ever takes care even to acknowledge communications sent to them. In the case of President of BJP he sends the acknowledgement by m/c generated message. I think sending m/c generated acknowledgement in a view is an insult. It is something akin to being welcomed by a robot when you visit some one's place and then being completely ignored by the host.
In military if a senior official does not return the salute of a soldier, it is considered to be an offence.
I may be sounding acidic. The reality is that BJP seems to be very poor in public relation. Hope they change their attitude towards the general public who have elected them to serve the citizens.
vishwanath more  
If innovation has nothing to do with pay and perks, why do qualified youngsters with innovative ideas prefer to migrate to US and western countries and the benefit their innovative brain reaped by those countries. more  
Innovation is not driven by pay and perks alone. There should be freedom to innovate. It might be out of many ideas which qualifies as a real innovation. For this, we need to ensure people are motivated, acknowledged, encouraged for new ideas. They should not be bogged down by bureaucracy and laughed at for being silly. Sometimes the best of innovations can stem from a silly idea. We should foster an environment for innovation. And most important of all, a thrive to do things better and better. more  
What Drives Brain Drain?
While a diverse range of motivations lie behind skilled migrants' intentions to move, it is possible to draw out five common factors:
Professional development
Socioeconomic and political conditions in countries of origin
Our analysis tells us, however, that these five factors are not of equal importance to all potential skilled migrants. The priority given to each issue typically depends firstly on the skill and profession of the migrant, and secondly on how far they have progressed in their career.
Wage differentials emerge as perhaps the most important cause of brain drain, as economic theories would expect. Groups that highlighted wages as a key motivating factor included students and those working in professions like health care, where the wage differential between countries is wide and where skills are easily transferable.
For full details go to link below:- more  
It is not just lack of opportunity but low payment and other benefits that prompt them to go abroad. Most leave after working some years in India. If the fixed minimum is low all other payments be it monthly or daily will remain low. Another tendency of employers I know is if minimum wages is Rs.160/- they are bound to pay only Rs.4000/- per month. So he fixes salary at Rs.4000 and rest is turnover based incentive. When turnover comes down salary decreases. Another drawback is other benefits like bonus, gratuity, PF are all linked to this salary. This is the main why even professionals leave India. This happened in Bangalore IT industry when the salary of professionals reduced to one-third of what they were drawing and most migrated to foreign countries. more  
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