India's handling of COVID 19 - can we rate objectively

51% citizens in this localcircles poll below are saying India's handling of COVID-19 was effective.

Can people of these communities please give some reasoning also. We have gone from 15th to 2nd spot in the world in 4 months and we call ourselves as effective handling.

China was effective to have contained COVID19 to 80000 cases, even if you take it with a pinch of salt 200,000 and we have crossed 1 million.

If we fool ourselves by giving the Govt high marks when they dont deserve we are only responsible for failures more  

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India best handled COVID Controlling Spread th A,B,C, Guidelines. Those lethargic ignored fr 3/20 . Even then is less effected than 14 Rich Countries per Million Population . Had the Neglecting Individuals also Realize their Fundamental Social Responsibility , Cases could have been negligible from June 2020 . EVEN NOW THEY MUST REALIZE ASSOCIATE RESPONSIBILITY. more  
With our size of population & the recovery rate the active cases are really low, we should agree that we have managed well more  
Govt. has miserably faile in handling the pendemic . On Sat, 18 Jul 2020, 13:31 Maryam Ahmed, wrote: > more  
Why are we panicking so much? Please have a look at the recovery rate. Have a look at the active cases. The number is assuring. A vast majority has become immune by now. 130,0,000,000 plus population and we have reached 12,00,000 which is just 12 LAKH. Let us NOT PANIC. With CMs like Kejri and Udhav, this is the best we can expect. Anyways, I think we are OK. More LOCK down will be disastrous for many. People need to be PROACTIVE in avoiding getting exposed. GODs will not stop COVID -19, this message has not reached people it seems. the attitude of SAB CHALTA HEY, DEKH LENGE, JAB HOGA TAB DEKHA JAYEGA etc has made the situation worse. Our approach has been hugely different than TRUMPastic approach. We have done remarkably well looking at the population density. There is absolutely NOTHING the center COULD do in these cases. People those who are trying to BLAME the CENTRAL government are morally corrupt and deserve contempt. People with AGENDA ( shamelessly) have been BLAMING MODI SARKAR for years by now. The reality is MODI SARKAR got 77% YES vote on a recent POLL as far as managing COVID-19 is concerned. This ATTITUDE of blaming MODI no matter what will COST us dearly. This is a NEGATIVE attitude with huge associated COST. If CENTER IS to be blamed then let us have CENTRAL rule all over the country. any taker for this proposal? more  
This Community Spread of CORONA VIRUS is since 3 Months. Then and Now World and Indian Health Authorities Regularly cautioning People and Govts for Strict follow of Controls of COVID 19 . India and All Living in India had been regularly NOTIFYING THAT :- ,,, Adhering Distancing , Mask , use of Sanitisers and Sanitation ; ,,, Use Dietary Supplements , Practice Dietary Controls to Avoid Virus Spread BUILDING IMMUNITY ; ,,, Continue innovation , search for Better Medicines , and , Vaccine : EVEN DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY WORLD MEDICAL EXPERTS CONFIRMED THE POSSIBILITY OF CONTINUED EFFECTIVE LIFE OF THIS CORONA VIRUS IN UNKNOWN FUTURE . * INDIA well managed Controls starting from LAST WEEK OF MARCH TO THE PRESENT WEEK IN MAJOR TERRITORY AS WE ALL KNOW . ** We know that even the Movement of Above 70 Lskhs Migrant Labour in 1st 2 Weeks of MAY IN 16 STATES DID NOT INCREASE THE SPREAD . *** WE ALL KNOW that Liquor and Relaxed Movement of General Public enabling Daily Livelihood Business after 18th MAY NATURALLY GIVEN RAISE OF SPREAD AND IS DUE TO :- 1) Neglect of above Self Control Practices Repeatedly mandated by WHO AND INDIAN ADMN . 2) Neglected controlling Practice in handling Vegitables , Fruits etc in Mass Cooking Places/Enterprises/and Institutions . THE MANDATED CARE ON THESE HAD BEEN PERFECTLY MAINTAINED IN ALL HOUSES AND IS WHY STILL THE SPREAD IS IN BEST CONTROL . 3) Another Most Important Issue is the NON AVAILABILITY OF PREVENTIVE TREATMENT OF """ ENT , SINUSES , AND THE USUALLY NATURAL INFECTIONS of Dental , and Could """ **** Even Now these Most Important Self Control Practices Must be Compulsorily BOUND BY EVERYONE TO STOP FURTHER SPREAD TO INNOCENT RELATIVES , ASSOCIATES , AND THOSE SERVING DAILY COMPULSORY NEEDS OF ___ Vegitables ___ Fruits ___ Grains and Groceries . ***** SEVERE PUNISHMENTS MUST BE ENFORCED ON THOSE Moving Without Masks ; Moving Without following Distancing ; Giving Wrong Address, Wrong information At COVID Testing Places ; AND THOSE HOSPITALS , DOCTORS NEGLECTING TO TREAT PATIENTS WHO ARE GIVING PHONE NUMBER , AADHAR RATION , OR GAS CORD NUMBER . 6. Municipal Admins must severely penalize those THROW OFF WASTE,/ GARBAGE/ WATER ON ROADS AND ROADSIDES . 7. JUDICIARY need to Mandate that NO ONE HAS RIGHT TO DENY THE CONTROLS SINCE IT EFFECTS DEATH OR LOSS TO MANY ASSOCIATES . more  
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