Better Seriously Implement INDIAN CURRENCY because in my view INDIAN CURRENCY is Symbol of Revolution against BRITISH COLONIALS in INDIA . Or INDIA should Leave GLOBAL BUSINESS and must Handle its COUNTRY'S FINANCIAL AFFAIRS or CRISES Internally like some other COUNTRIES.
What is going on in INDIA since 1947 is a Symbol of FOOLISHNESS in the Whole WORLD as an IDIOT COUNTRY in BUSINESS WORLD and FINANCE & ECONOMY.GROWING ILLITERACY and POVERTY only.

Indian CURRENCY must be restructured not its NAME alone.Mostly BLACK COUNTRIES are in Support of other VALUED CURRENCIES. more  

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India need to Demonetize Rs.2,000 and 500 Currency also after Dusserah in support of Bank through transactions to eradicate Corrupt Practices through Currency please. more  
Sarma ji very Rightly said but one thing I would like to add to it that Our Administration During ""Emperor CHANDRA GUPT ""to "EMPEROR ASHOKA" were very very Strong Administratively so during that time also our INDIAN PART or some Regions were not Supporting that Ruling as rebellion Kingdoms in INDIA only and become DANGEROUS KINGDOMS (Small) against Big MAGHAD Kingdom and that time also in 400 BC Indian Intellectuals of Different Philosophy could not Supported the KINGDOM of MAGHAD and its EXPANSIONS toward WEST & NORTH. But After 800/ 900 Years MUGHALS Found the weaknesses in INDIA which they Found in During ASHOKA's Kingdom as their Friends & Relatives which were having roots up to GREECE & EGYPT. After that even MUGHALS were also Facing The Revolt by some Indian Regions. After Mughals BRITISH also suffered the Rebellion INDIAN FORCE. Now a days What is Happening in INDIA same REBELLION against INDIAN GOVERNMENT & ADMINISTRATION TOO. Why Our People are not able to find out the ACTUAL PROBLEM in INDIA. WHY THE INDIANS are PROBLEM to our System and against all types NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Rulings in INDIA. Why INDIANS do not wish to follow PRINCIPLES of ADMINISTRATION & COUNTRY-SHIP. more  
Sree Ranvir Singh ; We and many Indians do know that Akbar & Babar Ruled with such administrative principles getting the Hearts of the People like Plenty of our Kings and Emperors like recent Ashoka & Krishna Devaraya . They could succeed on 2 ways ; One is through Marshal Power and the other is addressing through lively hood Funds & Facilities . But , this Form of Political Democracy has wrongly went and is true if we think about the issues of Present Karnataka & Tamilnadu Leaders leading the Protests and Revolts AGAINST EVEN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE NATION . This un-civility is just because of lapse of Power if we compare the rule with our predecessor or Mughal Emperors etc., ; and , Secondly the status above Poverty to listen to Governance . more  
Sarmaji Ji very rightly said but we do not have to cry for our past because past was just like a sad & unfortunate stories and we have to see our Future First and the World opportunities and Favours also. Now as we can not sure or claim that our Freedom Fighters and Intellectuals of our Past were having the Same Goal and Desires but as they were jointly putting some efforts to free India it does not means their Visions were also same in Functioning. Because most of MUGHALS & BRITISH did not rule our INDIA as a Whole in one time but expanded through Power & Strong ADMINISTRATIVE VALUES. Also gaining their Respect in Power and Administration they succeed in Ruling the INDIA. It Clearly Shows that INDIANS were not United during that time also among each other but having the Sense of Superiority to each other as per their Regions of BIRTH. It show that Indians do not wish to Follow each other’s Views & Visions but always try to keep them in all Respects and thus wish to Influence on Other as Superior by its Region by putting self efforts alone. For Example Mr.M.K.Gandhi, Sir.Rabindra Nath Tagore, Vivaka Nanda,Tulsi Das they did not Practiced to UNITE our Country as One HUMAN BODY. If we will not able to UNITE our INDIA as ONE BODY & ONE SOUL we can not become be like AMERICA in the WORLD and will loose our CURRENCY'S Respect also in WORLD Business. Another Example in CLOTHING by Lacking in Business LUNGEE & TAHAMAD,BLOUSE,LAHANGA,GHAGARA,PAJAMA,KUTRA,SALAWAR KAMEEZ,CHOLI etc etc are our INDIAN ANCIENT DRESSES BUT do we have MARKET VALUE in INTERNATIONAL TRADE SECTORS.On THE HAND OUR OWN INDIANS adopting the Dresses produced by International Trades thus loosing INDIAN CURRENCY. more  
With respect to appointment of Marshalls , it would be a laudable step. They have to be given judicial powers to adjudicate without a cumbersome process against any littering before shops and establishments by them or the public utilising their services. They should *enforce steps* for Swach Seeking behaviour / measures from the citizens and stakeholders of the areas they live or do business rather than only *catch defaulters*. The focus should be more on promotion of Swach behaviour by seeking to create cleanliness rather than just clearing debris. This should start by clearing the public places off beggars , vagabonds , people ( students and hawkers ) loitering on streets without bonafide purposes. There cannot be any Humanity in malafide and asocial engagements or indulgences in public places. Respected citizens of the areas under surveillance by the Marshalls should be consulted for proper execution of the tasks allotted for them to bring local self governance back on track. more  
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