India will triple its market but pollution top issue

Along with developing workforce and rural India’s growth. See attached.

Request everyone to share long term solutions to pollution problems.

What is it that MOEFCC and CPCB must do so we can reduce PM levels by 100% this year? more  

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Since it is Democratic Country and every eligible Indian is a voter.Govt can make one rule that those who do not follow population control norm should not be eligible to vote. more  
Mr. Jagdishwar Rao, you said a lot of things very politely, which probably were obvious but it was not possible to say it in the then India. Hats off to you. more  
Dear Vinita,

What you have mentioned about the Population Explosion and its Control, is a very important since we all know why....

However, there is one thing that its not easy to make it to work and yes, even I am just not ready to accept - "That , Its Impossible" . Its Possible , but only with Collective Efforts , otherwise , simply answer is a "Big No"

Alright, here is my analysis for my understanding on this:


Till a certain point of time, this place was called as Akhand Bharat (Offcourse , now also people call Bharat but, also known as India / Hindustan as well) and this place which was known as Akhand Bharat, it was encompassed of current (India + Bangladesh + Afghanistan + Pakistan and even Nepal as well ).


Now lets do a quick Fact Check on current population situation and other analysis as well on this:

* Current population of Hindus after the breakdown of Akhand Bharat is exactly around 1 Billion (India + Bangladesh + Afganistan + Pakistan + Nepal )

* Current population of Muslims after the breakdown of Akhand Bharat is exactly around 700 Million To 800 Million (India + Bangladesh + Afghanistan + Pakistan + Nepal )

Finally, if you tell to people of India about controlling the population, off course , there will be voices raised on these parameters , which will not be ready to bow down to any of these ideas.

However , as I said earlier, its a collective effort , conscience and consciousness to balance the population per the availability of natural resources on our mother planet called Earth , else , its simply not going to work!

I definitely know the solution on it but, again, before I say something, I should know , that it shall work on every one's life and not for certain group of people or a community but, it shall be viable to each one of us , across our mother Earth.

Take care and I thank you all for taking time in reading this and definitely , I wish everyone of you . A Wonderful Day ahead of you :)

Warm regards,
Jagdish. more  
Population control is the most urgent bill which must be passed and strict law must be implemented against those producing more than 2 child in a family, infact citizenship must not be given. more  
Pollution control Board is a tooth less organisation and will take no action against the Industrialist, who generate the maximum pollution. more  
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