India va China Military Capabilities

India: 4,292
China: 3,500

India: 722
China: 911

Field artillery
India: 4,060
China: 3,600

Combat aircraft
India: 538
China: 1,232

India: 3.5 million
China: 2.7 million more  

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I am reminded of one beautiful quote: It is not the size of the dog that fights but it is the size of the fight within the dog that fights. Our soldiers are stronger, braver, bolder than the opponent and command better position. Jai Hind Jai Bharat Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan more  
देह शिवा बर मोहे यह शुभ कर्मण से कबहुँ न डरो । न डरो, न टरो निश्चेय कर अपनी जीत लरो अब यह समय आ गया है। हमारे Professional Army के बीर, शुरबीर, शेर LAC पर तैयार भारत माँ की रक्षा कर रहे है। हम तैयार है। यही कह रहे है। अब के बरस तुझे धरती की रानी कर देँगे। इसी जज्बे और हौसले से जख्मी शेर भी अपने जनरल को कह रहे हैं हमें बार्डर पर भेजो। हमारे लिये अपनी माँ के लिए शहीद होना सबसे बड़े गर्व की बात है। यह जज्बा है हमारे वीरों का। सेना भी शेर, लीडरशीप भी शेर। जितेंगे हम। जै हिन्द, जै भारत। more  
This is 2020 New India not India of 1962. All our soldiers love भारत as love their own mother. Everybody right thinking brave person can sacrifice life for mother. भारत हमारी माता है। कोई इसकी तरफ़ देखे गा तो नोच देंगे। यदि हमारे फौजी saichen को बिना appropriate ठंड बाले कपड़ों से जीत सकते है तो यह तो इस बार की झड़प saichen से 100 गुणा आसान। हमारे शेर बीर बहादुर है। और हम 135 करोड़ हिन्दुस्तानी भी तो अपनी भारत माता के लिये लड़ेंगें। देशद्रोही सोच बालों को देश के अन्दर ही पीटेंगे। जी हिन्द। जै।भारत। more  
Pleased itself with justification to we Bhartiya. This Govt delivers.

Surgical strike and return of our Pilot Abhinandan are the live proof.

Inter national status of Bharat has gone up exponentially(184 votes out of 192) in UN Security Council.

This is great moral booster of 135 crore Bhartiya.

We stand with।our brave soldiers.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. more  
But Sarmaji political leadership and his team is quite trustworthy, reliable and action oriented. Gone are the days when political leadership pleased itself with jistifications more  
Politicism becoming a backbiting Enemy of India and Indians more  
Weapons matters but INDIA wins only with its High Moral, Courage of our Defense. more  
Moral of the forces and the unity under the leadership of the country that would be very important factor to decide the out come of the war. Erstwhile North Vietnam was able to contain all powerful America with its committed cadre and devoted leadership of Ho Chi Minh. more  
Citizens Interest on Nation is PRIME. Indians set aside CITIZENSHIP itself more  

Mahabharta is live example. Kaurvas led by Duryodhna preferred weapons and artillery over Lord Krishna.

But it was war diplomacy and moral boosting led by Dharma -the inner guide that made 5 pandavas win the war over 101 cousins who used adharma profusely and could not protect themselves even.

Power of dharma makes our Army shaktimaan. भारत माता की जय slogan infuses power of love not only in the minds of our BRAVE troops but also in the mind of all lovers of country.

We are more powerful.

We are led by a lion. more  
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