I am not associated with any political party and wanted to share this a true Human looking for upbringing the poor people.
Past few days i have traveled from Kerala and Tamilnadu. In Kerala as the State Government is not cooperating and have vested interest they are creating a panic like situation in many places.
In Tamilnadu, there were huge rush outside ATM in the first 3 days and slowing coming down. In my free time, drew around many places in Tamilnadu and spoke to my friends and relatives in Tamilnadu and Kerala.
All i see is apart from Hospitalization which is the most important or Urgent thing which Time cannot wait, people are unnecessary creating a panic or rush.
I also agree that a little more planning could have been there, but understanding that Government or the PM would have thought through all these there were its own secrecy or Problems or anything which cannot be disclosed or done this measure has been done. I dont think any political party can otherwise make a Suicide by taking this BOLD decision without thinking in all angles.

If this was a War with another Nation, how would have people made a living, simple by helping each other with what we have to meet the ends. Similar this is WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION AND BLACK MONEY, we citizen of India are Soldiers and we must take this to closure.

We all need to understand this is going to benefit our children and grand children if we are able to penetrate into and get atleast 60% done.

So finally I as a Citizen of India request, plead and appeal to all of you to please take part with all humbleness so that the coming generations can live a better India.

Existence Lover.
Jai Bharath. more more  
"WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION AND BLACK MONEY" is chanted by many right from our PM to Sandy. I don't know how the demonetisation brought the black money out. (Did it really?) There were so many other ways like raiding the powerful men like Adhani and Ambani, Tatas, Cine actors. The Govt. had agreed that about 70% of Indian money is owned by some few millionaires. Everybody know them and the Govt.too. Then why don't /didn't Modi wage the war against the black money lying with them?. We all know all cine actors get white and black money. Do Modi have guts to make raid on them? For demonetization also there are certain procedures to follow. Don't immediately say that everybody would come to know about it. Without anybody's knowledge, the demonetisation could have achieved. One simple way was banning 1000 rupees notes only sparing 500 notes. I don't understand which economist drafted this way and gave to Modi. Certainly some political people and his friends might have encouraged him. Otherwise how Reddy could have received new notes directly from the printing place? I hear many actors (Tamil actors too) were told about this and they had changed all their 1000 and 500 rupee notes two days before the notes were officially announced as void. The truth is that the sufferings are there still but we got used to it. more  
Yes... there was no cash yesterday... and all the ATM near my place is closed? what is the use of ATM? Having an bank account and ATM card - the purpose itself is waste. The bank should have enough cash especially during the 1st two weeks... and one ATM does not going to resolve the issue. And I know some who had to with draw Rs.200 could not do so because there is not hundred rupees ATM's. (This is especially a senior citizen who came to the bank and could not get the money). I think the bank has to refill the ATm with enough notes and people who have enough money below 2000 Rs in the bank would like to with draw in hundreds for their expenses. Why are these poor people had been denied and punished? Since we have digital let the bank take some responsibilities to cater their customers on 24/7...let it work in shifts.. this will help especially sr citizens who is trying to accept the change.. And moreover all the entries in the passbook shows no name to whom it has been given to and it just shows entry as for clearing... (is it no time to do the entry?) that is bad... especially sr cititzen are used to the details of the person to whom the cheque has been given to... i think we have of help them instead of making their life miserable... Yes I agree during the demonitisation bank had given full support but they have to reconcile and change the entry too. more  
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