Women in India are women with responsibility, integrity, dedication.


The Indian Woman is for ever Family oriented, safety oriented towards the society, besides taking care of their own safety to continuously contribute their share of Bread to the Family.


India should wake up to prevent any more Violence against women, AND REALIZE THEIR vALUE IN SOCIETY.

Please don’t say we have the best Laws, please implement.

Should we start a circle on Prevent violence on women . more  

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You better have a look inside general train coach. Even men don't have easy time traveling.

I agree with safety part though. India is not safe for women in spite of all laws being women centric.

But the major issue is over-population and lack of education. Stop producing babies. Use CONDOM (contraception). more  
This is unfortunate that from whom we have to protect women from man? it is our responsibility to teach our man and women how to behave in society and here not only man but women has also have equal right to teach and train their son daughter , husband and all this are part of society and that we have to do not by government it is our responsibility to protect our women not government and role of government is to make law and order . more  
Where are they given the power to teach children ? more  
Passing positive judgement on women's voluntarily wearing a mask in public on the basis of a 30-second video may not be the right approach. Long-time studies are needed for that.

Also, setting up a Circle on "prevention of violence to women" is just like the government setting up a sub-committee to look into the matter and it would generally take several years to prepare a report which would ultimately be found useless and redundant.

Need of the hour is to CONTINUOUSLY encourage and, if necessary, to force people to "wear masks and keep social distancing". It's an indisputable fact that we humans refuse to learn voluntarily; so introduce fines (like they did at the Delhi Metro stations). Introduction of severe fines for breaking traffic rules has considerably improved the drivers' behaviour on Delhi at least, where I live.

Only strictness and imposition of fines will succeed. Look at the deplorable failure of the "Swatch Bharat Abhiyan". The parks which we use for our daily walks are constantly littered with paper and plastic throw-aways every day, however much the labourers try to tidy up the place. And if guards dare to check, they are rebuked angrily with shouts like, "do you know who I am?"

This reminds me of an incident during a business visit to Beijing around 2002. On a Sunday, our hosts (local agent) took us to visit what the Americans call "National Park".......a spot of natural beauty in the area. Smoking was strictly prohibited in the park. However, a middle-aged gentleman with his 6 - 7-member family strolled into the park with a cigarette in his mouth.

And here begins the interesting part of the episode. A skinny guard with an unassuming personality, half bent forward because of his age, which must have been no less than 80 years, comes running from behind and asks the gentleman to put away the cigarette as smoking was not allowed inside the park. The gentleman (he must've been a rich and influential person, I guess) told the guard off.

The guard made one phone call from his handphone and lo, within less than three minutes a police patrol car showed up inside the park and hauled up the smoking visitor. The poor chap had to shell out a hefty fine and that too in front of his family.

FOLKS, ONLY THIS WILL CHANGE OUR INDIA.....nothing else will !!
There's need to make some people climb down from their self-chosen thrones...... more  
Set aside of IPC Enforcement resultied in twofold Threats to Nation Society since last 2 and 1/2 Decades .
Must be Strictly mandated with huge Punishments , Fines and imprisonment COMPLETING LEGAL COURSE IN MAXIMUM 30 days . more  
Unfortunately problem begins at home. Until parents respect each other and their daughters and sons equally and model that behaviour everyday, sons (boys) will continue to think that they can do what they want. Mothers have a special role to play in this regard. They must value their daughters as much as their sons and show that everyday. Society is changing but not fast enough for some and probably too fast for others who like to keep women under control. Women must fight for their rights. more  
Yes, Mr. Ashok, what is the Ministry of Women and Child development doing? We had written an email to Ms. Irani, four months ago, but till date it did not even go thru because the email box was full. Why have the ministry in the first place when it is doing nothing. I say the UP police personnel should be shunted out of the state, and other policemen from other states brought in to control people. The police should be under the President and not the state governments. Only then some justice will be done. Like the army where there are different nationalities all together as one body. more  
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