if you are faced with terrorism

Few things to do to be safe in case you fall victim to a terrorist attack.

Escape if you can
It is a no-brainer; if possible always escape from the scene of attack as soon as possible. The important question to ask yourself is; 'Can you get out of there without exposing yourself to greater danger?' Leave your belongings behind as you may lose the narrow time window to escape if you are occupied with collecting your belongings. Carrying too many things with you will definitely slow you down while escaping. However, avoid running away if there is a curfew or an order from the authorities asking everyone to stay inside. Because there may be police operations going on outside. Trying to escape might get you caught up in the firing line between the attackers and the police.

Always stay inside
As long as it is safe, staying indoors is the best course of action next when escaping is not safe. Trying to run away when it is dangerous will make you an easy target for the attackers. It may also affect the functioning of the police and other emergency services. Be aware of your surroundings when you are indoors. Remember where the doors and fire exits are in case you need to leave. Figure out a safe escape route if you can and make sure not to get trapped or cornered. Don't forget to lock or barricade yourself in and take safe cover.

Stay away from windows and doors
Windows and doors are the most fragile structures of a building during an attack. The bullets, shells and other projectiles can penetrate glass and wood easily. Find a proper cover in a substantial brickwork or heavy reinforced walls. Do not attempt to see or film what is happening outside through a window or door in any case.

Stay silent and put your phones on silent mode
Whether you are hiding or running away, make sure to stay silent. Do not draw any attention from the attackers. Put your phones on silent mode. Beware of any obstacles in your path or surroundings that may make any sound. If you are indoors, turn down the television and radio volumes as much as possible.

Avoid being exposed
In any case, as we mentioned before, don't try to see or film what is happening when it is not safe. If you can see the attackers then they probably can see you as well. If you are in the vicinity of an attack, do not stay to watch what is happening, as you will only get in the way of the emergency services.

Call the police
As soon as you get to a safe place, call the police immediately. If possible, pass them information about the attackers such as their:
· Location - Where are the suspects?
. Direction - Where did you last see the suspects?
. Descriptions - Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc.
. Further information - Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc.

Check for injuries
Once you are at a safe location, check yourself for any injuries. Examine your body for any cuts, wounds, fractures etc. Take first aid immediately. In the case of severe bleeding make sure to apply direct pressure to the bleeding wound. If there is a foreign object in the bleeding wound, do not try to remove it. Apply padding on either side of the object and build it up to avoid pressure on the foreign body.

Follow instructions from security personnel
Once you are found by the police and other emergency services, follow their instructions carefully. Inform them about any injuries you had. If you are aware of someone who is trapped or in need of help, inform them about his whereabouts.
If/when the police finds you:
         Follow officers' instructions
          Remain calm.
         Avoid sudden movements that may be considered a threat more  

The suggestions given by Ms. Devika Nair and Mr.Umesh Kumar are most practical and important, we should follow the same during such circumstances. more  
nice info Devika... certainly very helpful.. more  
Good msg more  
A. If you are inside a premises near terrorist attack. 1. Close all windows, doors facing attackers points. 2. If 1. is not possible switch off all lights, TVs, Fans, Audios. 3. If you have camera, please take pictures from a narrow hole of windows or any other point to send by whatsup or mail to police or to persons, who can forward your pictures. 4. Dial no. 100 and inform police in a slow voice of the incident. 5. Lie down on the floor of the premises after doing 1. to 4. B. If you are in crowd outdoor near terrorist attack 1. Please do not get terrified and retain control of mind thinking that one had to die once in life time, not known to anybody, but not in cowardice way 2. Please follow all instructions as described by Ms. Mala Sehgal. 3. Lie down, if in sight of terrorists 4. Try to be at less crowded place, even if by crawling, not easily visible to the terrorists. 5. Take pictures, if possible to send on whats up to people who can inform police. 6. Give a ring to no. 100 and brief police in a low voice the place of incidence, no. of terrorists approx. crowd, preferably any fastest road/lane for their entry. 7. Run in a zig zag way or in any random way other than straight line, if possible, if in the sight of terrorists. 8. Run away fast, if possible if not in the sight of terrorists. 9. Walk and do not push, if in the midst of the crowd, to reach the safest place. 10. If in any safe place near the incidence, try to help the victims including by taking them away to safe places. more  
Hi Devika, I love you. more  
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