How to make women feel safe!

small gestures by men that can go a long way in ensuring women in their lives or ones they meet, feel safe

1. Erotic/Non-erotic touching. Please always ask before you touch women in any way, even if it’s a hug, tap on shoulder, touch on arm

2. Ask the women in your life if something you did or said, even inadvertently, made them feel uncomfortable. You’ll be amazed at what you thought was harmless actually isn’t. Have this discussion with your other bros. Make this a habit.

3. Talk to men friends about consciously changing behaviour that women have called out. It shouldn’t come from a defensive place of “but women falsely accuse.” Yes some do, but your desire to change can’t be conditional.
Hold other men accountable for their actions.

4. Sexual interest in a woman isn’t the same as caring for them. SEE all women. Your respect shouldn’t be conditional.

5. Read this about caring: “I quickly realized that in order for me to be the kind of man that made women feel safe instead of threatened I would have no choice but to care for all women with the same urgency I had for my sister.”

6. Physical space: Don’t crowd women in lifts & other closed spaces. Women are conditioned to look out for their safety from an early age. Violating their immediate space can trigger anxiety. When you approach a woman a she instinctively takes a step back, it’s a cue.

7. Listen, don’t interrupt. When a woman is confiding in you, talking about being diminished, gaslighted, or harassed, don’t jump to defend your gender or yourself. It’s about individual experience at that moment.

8. Body language matters: Work harder to make women feel safe. more  

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First security of women and girls is family and home
Give women inferiority complexes and don't allow them to develop their wings to fly Higher ( 1st security gone)
Second security is colony
Ogle at girls who have no Male members like father or brother
( second security gone)
Think before blaming the government
Are we doing enough for the neglected girl child?
There are instances of more rapes and molestation just a day after,
We saw women dancing in streets of Hyderabad and all over the country

Male ego is the most destructive weapon of women denigration
She approaches authorities and there's a hope for justice
How dare she?
Let's abuse her more and show her Her place more  
Differentiation should be made sexual misbehaviour and rape.. Instant punishment should be meted out by way of Judge of Standing Fast Track Court visiting the scene of the rape and delivering instant justice, calling for required additional evidence. No Appeal should be permitted. more  
Experts should study the social and political tv film media existed before 15/20 years ,in the areas such as Maharashtra ,,which was safer state for female s . What are the changed circumstances,which changed mind set of male towards female. more  
ODD ADDS ARE RUINING SOCIETY . Indecent Presentation of Women (Prohibition) Act 1986 is not ENFORCED by any Govt since 1995 to till date. THUS SOCIETY PARTICULARLY WOMEN ARE TREATED FAR AWAY FROM OUR HOLY INDIAN HERITAGE Challenging Article 51 -A of the Construction. THIS IS SHAMEFUL TO THE CONCEPT AND OBJECTIVS OF OUR CONSTITUTION .
This needs to move the H'ble President and Supreme Court.
All such are due to the newly imbibed foreign events like Pub and Cottage Events, Holiday Events , Lovers day , Kiss of Love etc amidst PROVOCATIONS THROUGH DRUGS, PUBS, TV CHANNEL ADDS AND EPISODES , starting from Ragging in Schools , Colleges , Hostels. more  
It can not happen - We need to inculcate values in Boys and Girls when they reach Teenage - Parents needed to be disciplined . Society - TVs - News Papers - Our Politicians - Our Judiciary - Our Executive - Our Media should behave and set an example of excellent character. We need to start form Swatch Bharat onward in every walk of Life - Our Religious are not good, Babas, Mullas, Fathers, Bishops do not posses any respectable behavior. All sides we see dirt and dirt every where - Until elders change children do not become good more  
Fundamental Duties Article 51- A must be made Statutory Responsibility EVEN NOW. SC Decades Back declared that Parliament can make these as STATUTORY . BUT CONGRESS AND ALLIES DID NOT IMPLEMENT more  
All rape cases should be hanged in public without any delay . All girls and ladies should be trained how to attack in bad situations. They need not get panic pull both eyes first, or Pearce them with hair pin, or safety pin.
All mothers should teach their sons how to behave with girls. They should first create culture in them.
To-day what T.S.Police did is right thing. Many thanks to them. more  
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