How to get rid of Bats (chamgadars)

Dear all,
Bats (chamgadars) are flying daily night, in my Back-courtyard for the last about 6-7 days. They are spitting a yellow fluid on the floor and walls which is not washable. Can somebody suggest a remedy how to get rid of them. Thanks. more  

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Sad that everyone feels that Bats are something to be removed from S.K. Goels area!! What Mr. Goel has reported is the sighting of insectivorous bats. Insectivorous bats provide important ecological services such as pest control. Bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour and often consume their body weight in insects every night, helping keep bug populations in check. Bats are a boon to our ecosystem. They have every right to live in an area. Why do you think they should go away....because Man has all the intelligence to harm other lives ....but lacks compassion or understanding when these same lives are harmless and provide so much ecosystem services....think about it....the poop of bats is harmless.... more  
Thanks everybody for taking time to respond to my problem. I adopted the solution suggested by Mr Shivaji Patil and has been keeping the lights on whole night and happy that the problem is over since 1st day. Thank you once again and with regards more  
BATS flying in your Backyard since last 6-7 days ... emitting YELLOW fluid ... must be their EXCRETA ... :( This is just a SYMPTOM ... BUT ... a VERY SERIOUS SYMPTOM ...! The ROOT CAUSE of the Problem is much much DEEPER ... :( BATS are NIGHT PROWLERS = निशाचर ... !!! ... usually considered to be most SHY creatures ... & thus stay far away from HUMAN habitation colonies ... mostly in Dense & Dark Forests ... Deserted/Desolated/Dark Places/shambles/ruins away from any kind of Light Noise ... as the unnecessary noises interfere with their natural SONAR Systems ... ! Across the World ... in most of the FAITH systems ... BATS are associated strongly with DEMONIC Activities ... & ... Inferior/Petty/Ugly Witchcrafting = क्षुद्र तामसिक तान्त्रिक क्रियाएँ ...!!! Moreover This is WANING MOON Period = DARK Phase of the MOON = कृष्ण पक्ष ... !!! Today it is Jan 06, 2016 = कृष्ण पक्ष द्वादशी तिथि as per Lunar Indian Calander 3 days from now, i.e., on Jan 09, 2016 ... we have शनैश्चरी अमावस्या ... :( The DARKEST Day that comes hardly 1-4 times in a year ... :( On Jan 09, 2016, this शनैश्चरी अमावस्या starts at 07:53 AM & continues till 07:00 AM next Day ... with MOOLA Nakshatra throught the Day ...!!! & ... this MOOLA Nakshatra is ruled by KETU ... which Astrologically is under the direct COMMAND of SATURN = शनि ... :( PLUS ... this is WINTER season ... when we get much lesser SUN light ... :( You must pray almighty for BRIGHTER SUNNY Day on Jan 08, 09 & 10 ... !!! Now ... mostly Backyards have the rear Walls of the MASTER Bedroom of the HOUSE ... & this MASTER Bedroom is considered to be the SEAT of POWER of the MASTER of the HOUSE = अन्तः पुर ... !!! So ... Backyards represent the BACK of the MASTER of the HOUSE ... !!! BATS ... dropping Yellow EXCRETA (called GUANO) ... on the FLOOR & the WALLS of BACKYARD of your HOUSE ... the stains you find NON WASHABLE ... :( indicates that your HOUSE has been DESECRATED ... its Positive Energy has been POLLUTED ... :( ... It further suggests that a Mysterious CONSPIRACY THREATENING the WELLBEING of the MASTER of the HOUSE as well as the other FAMILY MEMBERS ... had been hatched in the recent PAST ... & its now under the ADVANCED stage of EXECUTION ... :( So ... I strongly feel you URGENTLY NEED ... the HELP of a REAL EXPERT (beware of the IMPOSTERS who would only cheat you for their Selfish Financial GAINS & you would end up loosing not only MONEY ... but would become the victim of this Mysterious Conspiracy) THIS EXPERT would need to IMMEDIATELY visit your premises both in Day time as well as during the NIGHT when BATS Prowl in your BACKYARD ... to diagnose the HIDDEN reasons of such an unusual & mysterious appearance of BATS in your BACKYARD ...!!! In case this EXPERT'S observation corroborates with my perception ... then this EXPERT would plan out the STRATEGY to save YOU & YOUR FAMILY from this impending MYSTERIOUS CRISIS ... !!! I still wish my Perception to be proven completely wrong ... !!! May DIVINE MOTHER bless you with Spiritual Insight to take the right Decisions ... leading you & your Family away from any kind of HARM ... :) more  
Talk to alfred more  
Local way of removing them use Ghandhak with Upla in a Tasala and burn it for fume . Plus Lights There is a chineese machines used for sound which are available in the market. more  
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