How should the next Government minimize Inspector Raj

With this post we want to seek your very specific inputs on what should the next Government do to minimise inspector raj. Please give very specific actions that Central Govt can take to have positive impact on minimising inspector raj. For reference are some of your specific inputs from the past.

We look forward to your inputs!.

Inspector Raj in India - Key Solutions

1.The powers that the inspectors have should be curtailed through systems and online record sharing
2.They should be made accountable for the work they do through KRAs
3.Licensing procedures should be moved and made online
4.Single window clearance system should also be started to reduce interaction with inspectors
5.Citizens and businesses should be encouraged to share information anonymously about corrupt inspectors in an anti-corruption circle
6.Corrupt inspectors should be named-shamed, caught and punished, and an example should be made out of them
7.The guidelines issued by these departments should be made easier to interpret so that the inspectors don’t take them for a ride
8.Repel the decades old laws and introduce simplified user friendly laws in compatibility with the present age
9.Business owners associations should decide to together stand against bribing the inspectors
10.A time limit should be set on the process which requires an inspector to give clearance
11.Businesses should be encouraged to report corrupt inspectors
12.Prompt action should be taken against the inspector who has been reported
13.Inspectors' services should be availed only to get the factual position obtaining. They should not be vested with any recommending powers and powers to inflict penalty
14.In the event of any deficiencies/shortcomings from the business men's end in compliance with the statutory requirements, it should be the incumbent on the inspectors to guide and get the requirements fulfilled
15.Identify corrupt politicians influencing such inspectors.

Inspector Raj in India - Root Causes

1.The inspectors have a lot of power vested in them
2.Inspectors think that there is no one above them
3.They like to be shown importance in whatever they do
4.They put in unnecessary road blocks so that they could ask for bribes
5.Inspectors think that it is their right to take bribes
6.Inspectors collude with businessmen and get a monthly amount so that they do not interfere in their business
7.If bribes are not paid, then the businesses will have to run from pillar to post for the licenses
8.In many departments, there are no processes defined for inspections
9.There are no time limits defined for the inspectors to work on a particular kind of a case
10.A corrupt officer inspector is rarely convicted in our country
11.The guidelines issued by these departments are tough to interpret for the common man, which gives an upper hand to the inspectors
12.Decades old laws & bye-laws have not been updated to suit the current scenario
13.Business men prefer to bribe inspectors & officers to avoid complications
14.Inspectors' reports are accepted without verification of correctness
15.Business men become preys of the inspectors out of greed to earn more profit in illegal ways
16. There is a good bit of political pressure on the inspectors and many times they are collection agents for a long chain of corrupt officials
17.Many businessman, entrepreneurs are not aware of multiplicity of various complex forms
18.Not much action can be taken against any inspector by complaints and it only causes bottlenecks/delays in projects/approvals for a business.

Inspector Raj in India – Key Issues

1.When businesses apply for licenses or permissions, they are at the mercy of the inspectors to complete the paperwork
2.They unnecessarily come up with objections while issuing certificates
3.Businessmen are harassed and bribes are demanded
4.Inspectors for tax, fire, labour, pollution, quality, excise, weights & measures almost always engage in bribes
5.Inspectors specific to different industries like drug inspector, transport inspector etc have fixed rates per month or per transaction
6.The inspections done by the inspectors are arbitrary and based on the whims and fancy of the officials
7.Reports are never transparent
8.They work on cases at their own pace and don’t care about the suffering of the general public
9.Inspectors manhandle the detainees at the police station
10.Inspector don’t let honest people do their work honestly
11.Police and Municipal put pressure on individuals to stop construction till their palms are greased
12.In many cases, inspectors facilitate corruption for a chain of officials in the hierarchy and act as collection agents. more  

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1. Every public dealing govt. office should have a on-line reporting, customer support interface (public is customer), ran & maintained by district level officer (recruited through UPSC):
- All complaints should be registered/recorded (written/vocal with language detection like google translator) & accessed by centralized IT department which should maintain the data & route it to concerned local area officer.
- The officer will be made responsible for assignment of cases to local employee & status reporting within time-line, without personally contacting the complainant (all communication should be through centralized customer support, to avoid blackmailing/bribery/mental harassment/suppressing crime/manipulating evidences).
- Acknowledgement of complaint registered with unique serial number & QR code for further follow-up (downloadable/printable).
- Village IT assistance kiosk (a room with Internet & computer), unemployed educated people who are only seeking to get into govt. teacher jobs can be used as village assistants to register complaints from illiterate villagers & can be paid specific amount per complaint registered & reported on-line. - Self employment opportunity (trained it IT center for this work for few days).
2. Rural & suburban police stations are full of low level politics, bureaucracy, corruption, the main tool is manual work based on paper files/registers (they don't want to let it go deliberately) & direct public contact (used for reducing crime rate by suppressing/hiding cases, threatening/blackmailing, benefiting local politicians), they need to be compulsorily adopt the technology based work (those, who says they cannot, should be asked to avail jobs under MANREGA or private job (which can pay for their skills), govt. jobs are not for building personal financial security, they are paid from public money to work for for public & solve their issues), which can be monitored, recorded & reported with foolproof identification of cases & their status. Without making them responsible for their every action, inspector raj cannot be eliminated.
3. The district level officer should be made responsible for answering all queries & status to complainant through customer support center only.
4. Provision to terminate non/poor-performing govt. officials/employees, without performance based work culture, they will continue to waste public money. more  
Everything must be system driven to remove Inspector Raj.
Citizens must be sincere and honest in their dealings and transactions.
Rules and regulations must be simplified and rationalized
Online application is made mandatory
Single window clearances for permission and licences
Corrupt officials must be punished heavily in terms cash and imprisonment so that it is a lesson to all more  
Technology should be more used. With AI, lot of corruption can be eliminated as Inspectors will be made redundant more  
The so-called "Inspector Raj" becomes mandatory to discipline the undisciplined.

Pre-condition for its success, however, is that the Inspectors be "incorruptible". Like, e.g. the Swiss Guards in the Vatican or the legendary "Templers" who are honest and loyal to a tee.......

Like the Quality Control Division in any production facility is absolutely independent and neutral to all divisions in a factory. more  
Curbing and Criminalization of Corruption and Corrupt Practices AGAIN STANDS AS 1st Priority more  
The inspectors should take all type of objections at one stroke in-spite one after another. This prolongs the clearance and issuing the certificates etc. more  
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