How Justice full-fill Preamble Guarantee of Constitution

-When Frauds and Finance diversions guarded under PRIVACY umbrella
-When the Accused do not tell truth under mandate of Oath while Judiciary do not agree for Scientific Lie Detector
-When Courts dismiss the cases at ‘inadequate evidences’ without ordering Police duty-bound Job Responsibility
-When Top Ruling Authority discards CAG Audit conclusions declaring s simple Assumptions
-When enforcement of IPC and Constitutional Mandates ignored/diversified/diluted
-When Politically oriented Members involve and interfere in discharge of Government duties that should be strictly at Constitutional Mandates
-When Politicians, Elected members, Bureaucrats re well guarded denying prosecution when the initial evidences concluded by Policing tenders action
-When the E.C. do not have independent authority to Mandate Regulations on Electioneering, Political Parties, Contestants and Elected Members
-When the refused, rejected and defeated Political Party is allowed to share and Rule the State/Country
-When Executive is neglecting the Orders/Directions of Supreme Court
NOT ONLY THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE Country need to think at the interest of the Country and its legitimate Citizen please. more  

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I feel that you are having very good knowledge and experience of law. I think that you must utilize the same for betterment/refinement/improvement in the system. I think that collective joint submission of representation whatsoever group members feel necessary in current scenario may be fruitful for whole NATION & EVERY CITIZEN. Please think and suggest. more  
Some like us tried and formed 'NLFNP' Circle for Constitutional Remedies and still require truly needed joining. Since it is beyond a year, Interest of joined members also is so so . The Change.Orgn is best scoring public participation for those of public interest.

I hope, we can have improved System in these Circles formulating Local Bodies among the members and, may take up this in next year please. more  
Review the status & respect towards law & order in developed countries. It is quite apparent that only hose countries are on top where peoples pay true respect to the law and every persons perform his/her constitutional job duties on his/her own. Peoples have fear of getting punished even for minor violation of law e.g. TRAFFIC RULES. But in our system peoples have no fear to be punished as they know very well to abuse the system. Every one is responsible for what is today before us. Even then every one has moral/constitutional duties to think & act for the betterment and correction of ill events/traditions. more  
Justified Justice together with Responsible Law and Order at the concept of Equality, Safety and Security in the Country grow and grows up-keeping both individual and the Nation.
But, for this to achieve, as you found, Sincerety, Responsibility and Accountability of each and every one in the Country is needed.
This could be possible only when the ultimate authority i.e., the Judiciary is empowered and energized seconding the absolute Sovereignty of the Country. The very neglected most essential and important mandate of empowering Judiciary making it totally responsible for the Constitution and its mandates of Rule IS THE ROOT CAUSE FOR ALL THE ILLS AND EVILS , IRRESPONSIBILITY, UN-ACCOUNTABILITY IN ALL THE GOVERNING BODIES that is challenging Constitutional Guarantees and, the Citizen that is challenging the purposefully adopted Article 51 A , the Part IV A of our Constitution.
There is absolute necessity to empower Judiciary , Centralizing Policing with independent Authority , AND , formation of a purposeful 'National Council for Constitutional Governance' . more  
I feel that it is high time when we should work out effective democratic approaches to remove social-administrative etc. evils which are affecting every peace loving law abiding citizen. If no effective steps are taken now then it is very difficult to visualize the future scenario. Any mature impartial person can analyze himself/herself the degradation of human values & living during the last few decades. more  
Congress Party's selfishness is the root cause. In view of the Preamble emphasised for a Welfare State, the court established in AIR 1983 SC 624 “ the Courts have the responsibility to interpret the provisions of the Constitution in such a way so as to ensure the implementations of the directive principles and to harmonize the social objectives underlying the directives with the individual rights. This is the mandate of the Constitution not to the Legislature and the Executive only , but to the Courts as well . “

Even then, Judiciary had been kept away from the Scope of directing enforcement of Constitutional mandates AND, THE FOLLOWING 3 Judgments prove the realities.

AIR 1987 SC 1087 “ 1. The Court held that the poor in India can seek enforcement of their fundamental rights from the Supreme Court by writing a letter to ay Judge .” Further , “ 2. The Court also held that under Art. 32 it has power to grant remedial relief which includes the power to grant compensation in appropriate cases where the fundamental rights of the poor and disadvantage persons are violated . “ 3. The Court held that the Court can appoint socio-legal commissions or devise any procedure and forge any tools it deems appropriate for the enforcement of fundamental rights of the poor “ .
-[1987] 4 SCC 609 : S.C. laid down the following guidelines for the exercise of the right under Article 32 :- { MOST IMPORTANT }
1.The Scope of Art. 226 is wider than Art.32 . The parties first seek relief in the High Court and should come to the Supreme Court in appal only .
2. Hearing of the case at the level of High Court is more convenient to the parties. It saves lot of time.
3. The High Court has its own tradition. They have eminent Judges, whose capacity should be utilised.
4. Every High Court has a good Bar. There eminent lawyers with wide experience, handle different kind of cases. They know history of every legislation in their State.
5. The Supreme Court has no time to decide cases pending before it for the last 10 to 15 years. With the present strength of Judges and will take more than 15 years to dispose of all pending cases .
6. If the cases are filed in the High Court the task of Supreme Court acting as an original court which is a time consuming can be avoided .
7. If cases which may be filed in the High Court are filed in this Court it would affect the initiative of the High Courts . We should preserve the dignity, majesty and efficiency of the High Courts. The taking over by this Court of the work of High Court may undermine the capacity and efficiency of the High Court and should be avoided.
8. The time saved by this Court by not entertaining the cases which may be filed before the High Courts can be utilised to dispose of old matters in which parties are crying for relief .

Since President of the Nation also could not solve this problem, only remedy is a Marshal Law or, President's Rule which alone can have full powers to implement and enforce the Constitutional Mandates, provisions and controls promptly, perfectly, sincerely and, in a Justified discharge of duties WITH THE SAME GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL and existing Constitutional Bodies . more  
Since after 90s Police had been misused by local politicians and thereon the Settlement Teams. But, majority Police say 80% had been ignored in providing Safety Arms while Policing need to face Aggressive unsocial personalities, teams, retaliating Groups/associations and mob ; AND, the extremely irresponsible aggressors, extremists, anti nationals like Maoists, Naxalites etc., etc.
Later, Policing mostly restrict their duty just at the fear of increased and well supported Robbers, Smugglers and, the already backed Power Elements.
Even Tax Officials, Security Officials, Bureaucrats, IAS also had to be set themselves away from their sworn oath and duties.
Thus, Police and Policing and, the whole issue of Law and Order was set diversified and kept as only Body Guards of those choose Politics and be Politicians WHICH TOTALLY DILUTED THE ISSUE OF JUSTIFIED CARRY OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES OF PROVISIONS, RESTRICTIONS AND PUNISHMENTS.
Policing need moral support, Social backing and, to be endowed with independent authority with Centralized empowerment AND SHALL BE EVER EQUIPPED WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS, TOOLS, ARMS AND EQUIPMENTS. more  
It is very surprising and helplessness of a simple peace loving disciplined citizen to bear the injustice. What is the need to take a statement on oath? If anyone (irrespective of a position) abuse the privilege of the rights of citizenship/position then punishment must be granted and executed in not more than 3 months by all means. Contrary in our system peoples have mastered the manners to abuse the constitutional system for indefinite period. This is the reason that antisocial, anti-national & criminal elements are enjoying and peace loving law abiding citizens are bearing the pain helplessly. more  
This pathetic situation need to be Mandated for punishments by Presidential Order AND S.C. Mandate more  
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