It is alarming that brent crude oil price has touched $140 per barrel. One credible source predicted that if Russia Ukraine war would continue , then brent crude oil price may touch even $200 per barrel.

India imports more than 230 million tonne of crude oil per annum, with the outflow of foreign exchange due to crude oil import at present ( before this recent crude oil price hike) more than 27% of foreign exchange earnings.

To tackle such extremely difficult situation, Government of India should issue following orders urgently.

As substantial portion of crude oil are processed and used for transport sector, all petrol bunks in the country should be fully closed on Sunday. On other days, the public transport such as bus, train should be asked to curtail the services by 50% , until the brent crude oil price would come down.

To reduce the transportation , all public and private sector organisations should be asked to implement work from home policy for their employees to the maximum extent possible. In the case of industries, wherever possible, coal or biomass should be used as fuel instead of crude oil based petroleum products .

People should be asked to form a pool for transportation together wherever feasible. Ministers and bureaucrats should set an example by not using individual vehicles. The politicians are known to use of fleet of cars when they move from one place to another. Such practice should be banned.
Finally, Prime Minister should talk to the people over television and tell that countrymen should share the burden due to hike in the crude oil price and without people’s cooperation, government’s financial conditions will go haywire.

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Dieselisation has caused so much pollution. Mentality is such that anything in the name of transporting commodities seems a historically driven, when trucks and public transport buses were diesel powered, and all private vehicles ran on petrol, a much cleaner fuel. Dieselisation now about 40% overall with private vehicles being dieselised, enjoyed the subsidy thereon, and vehicles sales increased almost 10 times then we need to go onto EVs. Naturally technology allows us going EV, a more environmentally friendly option, while electricity may be sourced from solar, wind or renewable energy sources. Electric mobility also a far more energy efficient option, with regenerative braking, especially within high traffic cities, than internal combustion engines. more  
Recommendation for curtailment of public transport is neither practical nor would be considered as a wise decision. Instead, let the government increase the prices, people will automatically reduce consumption. more  
Why should the people be punished by implementation of dictatorial directives which are a direct infringement of Human rights? People will anyways either not use or use lesser fuel if the same is expensive. Also, they will themselves look for alternatives as advised without having the Governments having to force it on them. Let me say that the suggestions for minimising fuel consumption are completely lacking sense. You cannot avoid man made catastrophes by penalising people who are already suffering. For examlple, if the prices of food shoot up, will you suggest that food supply should be curtailed to people? People will anyways die of starvation if they cannot afford to buy expensive food. Think...... before adding fuel to the fire which has already ravaged the world since last 2 years. more  
The PM has been putting his voice in air for quite sometime for not only this but other things as well. It is but for us to religiously follow...... more  
Thank. Sri NSV. Leaving the public transport major consumption contributors are the elected representatives, berocrates and polical people Their requirements are met by Tax payers money.Governments need a strong will power and cost concious nothing can happen. As NSV suggested PM's address to the nation may not be of much value unless government Determined to reduce the expenses on fuel drastically. We should not for get people are self motivated by adopting different options available to them to overcome the burden Of increasing fuel cost and the uncontrolable Price increases linked to fuel cost. Rationing is the alternative available .May be Considered. V.Gopalakrishna . more  
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