How can we recall government?

How can we recall government?
Today we elect MPs for five years and after that we are helpless and can’t do anything, if govt. will not function properly or take anti people action.
Instead of recall elected representative why can’t have a system by which we recall govt.?
Because our day to day life is impress by functioning of govt. and not by elected MPs.
Here is the innovative way to give people “RIGHT TO RECALL GOVT.”
1. Instead of elect whole loksabha and state assembly once in a five years, make
3 (three) part of loksabha total seats of 544/3 i.e. 182 and similar in states assembly seats.
2. Every two year there will be election of 182 seats of loksabha and one third seats
of state assembly simultaneously on same day.
3. Date of election will be fixed for ever. i.e. first Sunday of December or last
Sunday of April. Term of elected MP will be from 1st January or 1st June.
4. Duration of each MPs will be 6(six) years.
5. Geographically distribution of 182 seats loksabha and 1/3 seats of vidhansabha
will be equal in whole country and states.
6. Once elected, no MP can give resignation on his will, as it will be considered as insult to
7. In case of resignation he/ she will not be able to contest any election for next six
8. In case of natural death if remaining period of election will be more than two years
fresh election of representative for remaining period.
9. If it will less than two years, second highest voted candidate of last election will
represent in loksabha and vidhansabha, but he/she can’t have right to vote in
Advantage of this system will be:
1. People will have a right to express their opinion about govt. every two years. It will be a referendum of govt. functioning.
2. All the time govt. and opposition as well will remain alert for ever.
3. No govt. will consider people’s mandate as long time verdict.
4. Task of election commission and police will become very easy as they will have to focus on 1/3 seats only.
5. It will be cost cutting method instead of today’s expensive and lots of manpower wasting election procedure. It will save public money at large.
6. People can have a chance to change the govt. at the end of two years if they feel to do so. Today we can do nothing for next five years once vote.
7. No one can impose election for their own personal benefit.
8. In this system people will have direct control over govt. In today’s system we can’t have any control as far as govt. formation and functioning is concern.
We should think in this direction seriously to eliminate loopholes of today’s election system.
Dr. Hemant Patel more  

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Equally importantly, the MPs should also be called to their constituencies at least once every year, to give a detailed account of their performance in the year gone by. And this should be done in the format of a press conference (televised, if possible), attended by the members of public, as well as intelligentsia, who can question every statement made by him, and tear him to shreds if necessary. And holding the parliament to ransom by logjam should invite immediate disqualification for the current session. more  
Send good,service minded youngsters as legislators educated under moral value based education system and not goons.People should elect good competent people or else they will get looted doing no work! more  
Yes citizen or voters of the should have power to call back MLA or MP if they fail to perform or do not show any sign of performance.. High court and Supreme court should have a provision to disquaify if the elected leader does not work for the benefit of society or get involved in moneymaking policies or even changes his loyalty. more  
President of India and , the Supreme Court , both have to be empowered to direct the Legislature proceedings since the situation of the Legislatures in India since last 9 years leading to unfortunate and even some thing that cannot be expressed by Citizen at the afraid of the extreme power of the Houses and their Heads . The can also be requested to take interest in this matter of acute need of the Country . more  
While it is desirable one has to be practical that any change in Law requires the same people to vote for change. Any bill for recall would see every party unite and never permit such a bill and so democracy can never permit this. I think we need to exploit mobile technology and the ability to create mass polling systems on weekly basis on key issues in all regional language. This has to be started by a non partisan group supported by "venture capital" which now does find what they call Not just for profit ventures which will create high impact and attract mass usage. This project however cannot be controlled by any one media house or the other. Such a movement will make public opinion easier to gauge and regular data will give clear indicators across the spectrum of income and those who seek to be elected again. If public opinion is strong even an elected person will not be allowed to take wring decisions. Today the system is totally dependent on fragmentation of the vote bank and divide people on ethnic or cultural issue that are non developmental issues. more  
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