Yes Railways would justify the raise saying .
- It is to raise revenue ,
- Control the Crowd in stations .

But question arises why in selected Stations only ? And why such a huge hike to Rs. 50 / No doubt Railways needs to increase the Revenue for running the Establishment with a good Operating Ratio rather than at the present scenario (Railways operating ratio of 98.44 per cent in 2017-18, worst in last 10 years: CAG)Read more at:https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/transportation/railways/railways-operating-ratio-of-98-44-pc-in-2017-18-worst-in-last-10-years- )

Has Railway gone out of ideas than to raise the PLATFORM TICKET FARE , CANCELLATION CHARGES . Can’t they pick up ideas posted in many resource and Response posts in the Make Railways Better ? Just Some for example ,

* Make sure that every one who enters the station other than the Railway Employees performing duties in that Station buy Platform ticket and enter . Just have a count of the number of outlets / inlets into the station , and make sure that some one is posted there to check the entry . Help for such personnel should reach in time in case they face problems & resistance . THAT ALONE WILL GIVE THE RAILWAYS WHAT REVENUE THEY WANT AND STRAIGHT AWAY PREVENT UNAUTHERIZED PEOPLE ENTERING . There by - stop thefts , child lifting - Unauthorized using the furniture depriving the Legitimate travelers - We see so many lying down and sleeping in the passages Platforms , obstructing the genuine , passengers’ path.

* Transit Passengers time to stay shouldn’t be more than 2 hours , if beyond 2 hours they should compulsorily stay in the Paid waiting halls (this welcome practice is being followed in some stations – welcome )


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Crowd restrictionis one of the valuable methods to prevent the spread the Virus . Railway stations are the places where there is constant movement of uncontrollable crowds . That can be a potential zone to spread the disease rapidly . But railways had shut the operations keeping in view how much their staff involve themselves & will co operate . A cursary look at the Video that went viral may explain . Can't the railways motivate the staff at least during the period of crisis and make them concentrate on what they are doing . more  
Although I agree that the unwanted crowed on the platform must be controlled. But the question is whether it can be achived by increasing the cost of the platform ticket. The travel tickets to the nearest station might be available for Re 10/15. So one will prefer purchanging travel ticket instead of platform ticket. Moreover the same can be returned at certain discount after the diparture of the train. Hence such exercise will not bring any result unless the cost of any travel ticket is fixed more that the platform ticket. moreover, there areno data about the unwanted persons entering the platform and how many are buying the PT. more  
you are very right, I agree with you. It will encourage corruption more  
I feel at this moment of a national crisis, we need to stand by the government and support and whole heartedly participate in its all pro-people action in fighting the pandemic, which is just about to take our entire nation into its grip to make havoc rather than finding out omissions & commissions in its actions, which we can do once the situation returns to normal. more  
I think the price increase may be temporary to tackle #social distancing more  
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