High decibel horns fitted on two wheeler scooters

It is observed now a days two wheeler scooters/bikes are fitted with high decibel horns. When the horn is pushed it makes so noise which is unbearable due to this the concentration of other vehicle users is disturbed leading to accidents etc. It is very harmful for senior citizens who are near to the two wheeler scooter which is pushing the horns with high decibel noise & even driving the scooter at very high speed. This problem should be tackled at manufacturing level of high decibel horns. No fanufacturer should be allowed to manufacture high decibel horns and it should be checked by respective inspectors & their licence to manufacture horns should be cancelled. After this if any manufacturer is found manufacturing high decibel horns the action should be taken against the inspectors who are checking the manufacturing unit. Hope local circles Manager will look in to this problem & take necessary steps to solve this problem. more  

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Over fifty members have read and commented on the subject. Result: Rules are there but without implementation. The ball is now in the court of the so-called authorities.
Apparently, even they do not know where to start. One suggestion: Start by closing the tap at the top. In other words, ban production of higher-db horns than is specified by BIS.
The disease will disappear..... more  
There are numerous other laws UNIMPLIMENTED by every State more  
Dear all, If you keenly observe,to blare your horn on our Indian roads, does not serve any purpose other than making people deaf relatively earlier than usual.In developed world it is taken as an impolite act unless in extreme emergency.Your refined behaviour will always yield unexpected results.Try out and experience yourself.That is the only way to change our society.
On Monday, 9 September, 2019, 10:52:54 pm IST, GVENKATARAMAN Iyer <support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote:

GVENKATARAMAN Iyer GVENKATARAMAN Iyer commented on the Post GVENKATARAMAN wrote: "likewise, many people use noisy motor cycles, especially bullet. during night time it is disturbing. moreover, for patients n small infants.the sound causes sleep disturbances." View/Comment Reply to this email to post a comment. more  
That was a real thought concerning the fello citizen neighbour . How many

% age o people will have such thoughts ? Even after reaching a literacy rate

of 72 % nationally . more  
In our country law implementation and law abiding are in papers only and very scant respect. Govt should use iron hand in the interest of the country, people and generation more  
I have always been emphasizing that we make several rules but we do not have its implementing machinery.This is the biggest lacuna in our system and no Govt is bothered to look in to this aspect. more  
likewise, many people use noisy motor cycles, especially bullet. during night time it is disturbing. moreover, for patients n small infants.the sound causes sleep disturbances. more  
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