High costs of medical education

It is costing anywhere between 1.5 crores to 4 crores for a medical specialisation MD degree.

How many people in middle class have this kind of money in their banks which means only children of rich people will be able to afford medical masters degrees.

Later they will deploy all kinds of unethical practices to recover this amount from you and me.

First thing that needs to happen is capping of fee for medical and engineering bachelors and masters fee in India.

75% private colleges in India have a politician affiliation so this will be a difficult one to take up LC Manager but we all will support.

Other members please comment and help lower cost of medical and engineering degrees in the country more  

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The actual cost of medical education is much less. However, the problem is profiteering. This does have a cascading effect on society as it will drive up costs of medical treatment in a exponential way. more  
The Governments so far have forgotten/shirked its basic responsibilities to provide quality education and health facilities to the citizens of our country by privatising these two important areas to facilitate politicians enter these areas. Look at the Government Hospitals - they lack basic facilities of treatment and citizens are forced to get into private institutes. Let Government provide these basic facilities at par with private institutes and see the change. more  
This is horrible picture to common people of India. Govt. of India is closing her eyes and allow them to loot money in health and education sector. Get Outlook for Android ________________________________ From: Sarita Ravichandran Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2023 2:07:37 PM To: bnmondal@hotmail.com Subject: "High costs of medical edu..." more  
The problem with parents is that they want their children to fulfill their dreams. Children should be allowed to chase their dreams. more  
Very valid and relevant issue, but with no straight answers. As a medical teacher for last 4 decades let me put some facts: 1. Medicine all over the world is expensive field, There is no running from it. reasons may vary from country to country, but it is expensive. 2. We Indians are tuned to our own economics but no where in world govt provides free medical care. All over Europe, UK, US expenses are so huge that without insurance it is simply not possible to cover the bill. 3. We Indians want US/ UK standard treatment free or at our economic scale cost.. simply not possible; huge nos. of medicolegal cases are witness to this fact. 4. Our legal system does not recognize the financial burden on hospitals if patients do not pay. So hospitals learn to earn more from those who pay. 5. Govt pays huge subsidies in name of farmers / MSP for crops etc. but as patients, doctors, nurses do not constitute vote bank, Govt is loath to open even adequate numbers of Govt hospital and run them well as it will entail huge expense and no political mileage or financial return. In new AIIMS across the country, nothing is free. No medicines or investigations are free. Govt facilities also do not recognize that time factor is important. They run at their lazy pace. And here comes in private sector as there is huge unmet demand. 6. Remember, all private enterprises, whether primary schools/ engineering colleges/ medical colleges / dental colleges are commercial entities. As we all know that wheat flour sells 30-40 INR per Kg but bread comes @ INR 50/- plus for 400 g loaf. This is only an example. So is the education. People make huge money. 7. Then you have a funny admission system. There were 21 lakh candidates for 85000 seats of MBBS + BDS (2023) and qualifying is 50th centile --- means 10.5 lakh qualify. Obviously, this loop hole is deliberately created for bargaining of undeserving candidates. And what about 50-69% reservation in Govt colleges in various states? So where is merit, dedication, hard work required for this profession? Gone out of window. Even railway have 100% limit for wait list & here it is 1000%! 7. Right thing in our context would be to restrict qualifying candidates to maximum 15-20% above seats, Govt colleges should have at least 2/3 of all seats and increase budget allocation on Health + education to at least 6-8% from present 1.5-2% ( It is 14-16% of the high earning countries budget in UK Europe and US). 8. Simply putting a IAS babu as deciding person for fees on an annual ritual for each college in every state as it is today will only increase corruption and fess also. more  
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