Height of Stairs - are there standards

Well if there are no one knows about them.

If a step in a stair case is of higher size than normal, it can cause knee pain for the climber.

There need to be mandatory standards for height of a step in a stair case. If there are please share BIS. more  

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I am attaching a picture of a TASMAC outlet ( Tamilnadu state owned Liquor out let cum Common mans Bar )in Chennai which is in the basement . The depth or run of the step can e gauged from the foot of the person climbing down. It is just 8" . some steps are 9" with no nose .

Though the specification says the depth or run to be 22 (8.8”) to30 (12 “)C. M. with a nose up to 1 inch. The height seems to be OK . When I talked to them they said while coming down only is the problem of slipping and encountering a fall . The customers while coming down are sober and they are inebriated will be only climbing . Good logic to support the Deviation . more  
The importance of designing safe staircases can happen only when our country established a norm as done in the US, and then only it can be checked for compliancr at the time of getting approval of the drawings. more  
Since no one checks and also the effects of the wrong stairs hence whatever the contractor or the civil engineer thinks he does it without anyone questioning him since the owner may not be having that kind of knowledge about it. more  
Dear Mr. Das

Where and how to report it. more  
DEAR ALL,there is a STANDARD FOR STAIR HEIGHT,road slop,etc.In INDIA we have INDIAN ROAD CONGRESS which sets the standard.IF ANY BUILDERS FLOUT THEM,you can sue them.Eg.any slop must adhere to 1:20 ratio..it means that if the PASSAGE /ROAD has a slop,the gradients must be 1 '' for 20''. Every Builders try to save space...with the multistory CAR PARKING,often you will find the passage up is stiff..your car seems to be panting as the PROMOTERS HAS NOT FOLLOWED THE 1;20 regulations.So ,our request to all ,please bring up where ever,this STANDARD has been FLOUTED BY ANY BUILDERS ..this is a punishable offense.With regards.BN DAS more  
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