heatwave and agriculture impact

Agriculture cannot survive at 48C + air temperatures and ongoing severe droughts for very long. The bread baskets of India have been hitting these temps for nearly 40 days straight. There is no civilisation without Agriculture. Billions of people at risk due to Delhi and North India heatwave. Millions of tonnes of cereals are produced in this region. A major crop failure would have devastating effects on this region and beyond.

It is likely that in coming years this will only worsen meaning 48-52 could be high’s every summer. It could lead to a major food crisis.

What are specific actions we should take so this does not happen. more  

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Trees Trees Trees is the only answer. more  
As long as we live in self-denial we will drive ourselves to a state of extinction. Countries like UK press the alarm bells when the ambient temperature reaches 26C but we are still debating when the temperatures are reaching 45-50C! The human body temperature is typically around 37C and anything over 30C does cause harm to all of us. We humans have sweat glands and a god-given cooling system in place. Many birds and animals dont even have that! There are fewer birds and animals today as compared to 5 or 10 years back. The problem and solutions are known but what is stopping us from implementing the changes? Temperature changes have taken place over 20-25 years and it will take that much time to fix it as well. No one else is going to do it but ourselves. We have to pitch in and do what is necessary for our country. Fixing more AC plants is not the solution. We need more greenery and water bodies across the country. Cities should refrain from permitting tall buildings and glass facades aping the west where the temperatures are much lower. This mad rush to add concrete everywhere for private profit is simply an act of slow death. We have to re-invent how we operate and de-clutter our lives. Air, Water, Earth, Wildlife/Birds/Animals, Natural balance has to be respected and it will give back in larger measure for common good. We can still fix the present sutuation but a few years down the line unchecked we will reach a point of no return. And farmers arent the problem!! Its all of us. more  
under the name of development we are destroying trees which have taken more than 50 yrs to grow but we are cutting the same within a stroke of axe and are not planting new ones and that is the reason we are havingglobal warming and pollution/water etc issues come more  
Your greed chopped all trees filled all ponds and water bodies, all mountains and hilloks are flattened. Atmosphere is full carbon monoxide resulting in heavy draught, climate change, resulting in heatwave. Every one of us are responsible for this disaster, as this is man-made. All water bodies are dried. Tube wells even at 700- 1000 no water. No Initiate planting more trees, avoid using luxurious vehicles, compulsory water harvesting , cleaning of all water bodies to be implemented on war footing. If no rain water harvesting in all complexes, water supply and other amenities to be withdrawn, if not fulfilled as per government norms. I am ready, are you all ready. more  
STOP Usin your cars. Stop runnin your air conditioners for 20-24 ours in a day. Increase tree plantations. Do not waste water usin sowers in batrooms. U bucket instead of sower. more  
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