GST increases

Following categories now have higher GST.

1. Packaged Food
(Pre-packed food items like pre-labelled curd,lassi,fish,meat, paneer,buttermilk)
2. Bank Cheque Book Issuance
3. Hotel Rooms
4. Hospital Beds (excluding ICU) exceeding Rs 5000 per day
5. Solar Water Heater
6. LED Lights, Lamps, Knives, Pumps, (machines, printing, and writing inks), drawing and marking instruments, work contracts for roads and bridges.

Can we please escalate the pain to the Govt. Also understand how people plan to cope with these increases?? more  

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I think both the Govts i.e. Central and State Govt is least bothered about the Hardships being faced by Non Pensioner Senior Citizens. On one side Inflation and Medical Expenses are killing and on the other Interest Rates are Falling. more  
Look at the bright side, when India is becoming a service economy, so this make equitable wealth distribution. Poor too are paying these taxes. Can't expect us to compete being a manufacturing superpower, so with GST being federal, a value added tax, that too simplifying transaction movement across states, especially with e-way bill then how can that be a problem? Evading taxes was the norm by businesses, until the introduction of GST. So why always crib? Automobile manufacturers virtually got their relief from central government making a noise over huge taxes. So, what gives! more  
Does any steps are taken to increase the purchasing powers of poors to pay the taxes imposed on them.

It only leads to damaging the present retail business line. They can not compete with large manufacturers with huge brand backing. Why a person will buy from local manufacturer if he has to pay taxes to both. They will certainly shift to branded commodities, thus giving an upper hand to the large manufacturer. This step I feel is with the objective of giving more benefit to few persons by taking away business from mass. more  
Government it seems always thinking in the direction of increasing GST , covering other items especially food items under GST. It is very unfortunate and not called for. more  
It is surprising that on one hand present govt talks so much about common man and his hardships and goes ahead and makes it much more harder for us and especially sr citizens .Inflation is higher and rates of all items are going up but the bank interest and savings interest is not keeping pace with it.It is going from bad to worse. LC should make a survey regarding it and send it to govt as to what is the pulse of the people regarding their action more  
Higher GST on food and solar heater is definitely not called for . more  
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