Great Indian Circus

Now a days Indian migrant workers walking some 1000 to 1700 Kms is a great news on TV channels and social media. I was also shocked and tried to find out the real story. The undisputed facts are:
1. The workers are paying some 2500 to 4000 for Mumbai to UP by a Truck ferrying some 40 to 60 workers at a time.
2 No political Party, social organisations, NGOs, Intellectuals or state government has offered to pay this rent.
3 Poor migrant workers starving for a week or so are paying this rent in advance and no one can dispute it.
4. Maharashtra Police does not stop any such trucks carrying migrant workers.
5. These workers are asked to get down from Trucks within 3 kms or 5Kms from state check posts so that state check posts do not stop truck and empty truck passes teh check post.
6. These migrant workers walk on foot for thsi five to eight Kms on highway or Railway Track and again board the truck until they reaches to last check post.
7. Thsi process of boarding and disboarding goes on wherever check post problems are there,
8. In between these Migrant Workers are lucky enough to get Darshan of our Media and describe the great pain taken by them from Mumbai to such places on foot and these become great stories. These videos also are talk of social media nd our politicians.
9. Some Truckers are over smart . they will disboard teh migrant workers at Last post of Maharashtra and with their great Juggad, another MP registered Truck shall take through MP and again they will be disboaded at MP border where another trucker form UP is waiting for them.

My simple questions to great Indian Power Brokers are:
1. If they ahve problems with Railway charging some 500 for an ultra comfort journey why they do not ahve any problems worker paying some 2500 to 4000.
2If they can pay Railway fare why they are not paying thsi fare to truckers. Are workers travelling through Trucks are not working.
3. Is there and shoe manufacturer which produces shoes which can travel 1700 Kms.
4. Is it possible for anyone to travel some 1700 Kms in this temperature.
5. How these 1700 Kms travellers spend their night, on open highways without mosquitoes and thefts. Is Indian law and order so great.
6. How these people attend natures call and other daily drills 7. Can someone travel 1700 Kms without bath and if not where they bath on highways, Are there any facilities provided.

Indian Media, Politicians, intellectuals and power brokers have complicated every thing and even after 50 days of lockdown. Corona is increasing day by day and our all sacrifices of 50 days appears to have been wasted by vested interest.
I ahve talked to persons and their relatives who ahve already reached UP from Mumbai on Trucks and all these facts are based on their statements and can never be wrong. more  

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Too early for any comment. Come elections (whether of Assembly or Parliament), when we would be able to hear how much crore that Neta or Netri and/or his/her party had spent for the welfare of Majdoor. I am having doubt about the numbers of farmers committing suicide before the advent of the slogan 'Jai Kisan'. Therefore, we need to consider the banning of 'Jai Kisan', to prevent suicides of migrant labourers.
Problems of migrant labours can't be understood by those who spend ( sorry torment their brain) in the comfort of air-conditioned apartment/ car/offices and can afford to pay multiples of thousands for a dinner. more  
Your STORY itself looks like a circus. Just stop the political statement to save the skeleton coming out. more  
Additional increase in fare to cover the lost seating capacity is reasonable. Let the State Governments or deep sympathizers pay the fare. When various government and non-government organisations are arranging shelter & food, where is the requirement of leaving for home. The problem lies in dissemination of information regarding facilities. These sympathizers should at least help them with that. Till they reach a suitable place, they can provide food & shelter temporarily. more  
Mr. Subash, we are not asking everything for free, just govt arrange the train for free of cost or normal price, why they ask Rs 50. extra? Yes they increase Kalal tax for petrol, tollgate fee because they are not worried about poor people.... more  
A good story...but not acceptable, in this pandemic situation, govt help the peoples and arrange the transport for free of cost, but what happen here..? Govt announce special trains for extra fare..! very worst example...and my question what is ultra comfort Journey? Railway use this situation for revenue increase process...very good more  
No extra fare, Actual cost. A poor do not go by 2nd AC. Wait for some time and you will get general class only. Keep on barking for every thing. How many food packets you have given to migrants or helped the needy. Just ask your communist friend st request Railway workers to forego two months salary to save Railway. Just go and ask them. Sacrifice something and forget getting every thing free in Pandemics. Do not make India a Banan state run by paapus, dummies, hafftta queens and commission agents. Do you want India to be Iran. Pandemic does not mean all aspiration of public will be meet free. Every one have to sacrifice. If so called seculars have any idea why cannot they do so in Waste Bengal, Rajastha , Punjab or Delhi. Our great free Nautank Keju increased tax on wine and petrol in this time. Why are you keeping silence there. Every one will have to suffer and make sacrifices. There is no way out and if there is one just tell us. more  
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