Grade 4 Municipal Worker - Inputs on Root Causes

Below are the key issues highlighted by you in regards to Grade 4 Municipal Workers. Kindly review and help identify root causes for them. Once we know Root Causes, we will have a separate discussion on solutions that must be implemented to address them.

We look forward to your inputs!
Swachh Bharat Mission

Grade 4 municipal workers – Key Issues

1.Workers do not come at a fixed time everyday
2.They work casually for a couple of hours and then disappear
3.They don’t segregate the waste and collect everything together
4.Many workers clean the roads and leave the garbage in puddles at the side of the roads
5.They treat medical waste as normal waste
6.Many workers are found to be burning dry leaves and garbage in open
7.They don’t cover their vehicles while transporting the garbage and it keeps spilling on to the road
8.Grade 4 municipal workers do not have the right equipment to collect garbage
9.They dump the collected garbage in corners when they think no one is watching them
10.Many times they are found sweeping the garbage into side drains
11.They do tend to burn garbage during winter months and keep themselves warm
12.Many times they outsource local garbage picking work in exchange for money. more  

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Yes most of the workers don't come in time and justify their duties. They have syndicate and raise benefits. Then offen go on strike and perform duty at their ease. They should realize the importance of their duties and responsibilities. They are posted for sensitive work and they must care for the cleanliness then only the SBM will be successful. more  
Has this issue been taken up with UD? more  
I think this is a delicate and circular issue, Sulabh should be involved. Sulabh has commendable experience in training regarding sanitation and has successfully handled such delicate matters. more  
Let's recognize this country has a "Chalta Hai" ethos. There is little or no pride in one's work at this level and a culture has developed where the objective is to get away with the least possible effort. The reasons are obvious. Whether you do a great job, or a lousy job, you get paid the same and so there is neither a carrot to incentivize performance, nor a stick to issue a viable meaningful threat. This must change, but will take time. The PM has to take on the bull by its horns and works on Administrative reforms in a time-bound manner. In the meanwhile, the only way you will get significant improvements is through much tighter supervision and the use of technology. For instance a security guard or a cleaner should be required to punch-in his/her presence on an hourly basis in different locations within their area. This should be based on a finger-print scan, so others cannot punch them in. We have highly talented people in this country and a system of governance which has encouraged employees to do virtually nothing or the least possible. Let's recognize this and make the appropriate changes. In the short-term you need technology based checks and in the longer-term a better work culture which discerns between good and poor performers. more  
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