Google Home is a big NO NO

Google Home devices are selling in India and listening to peoples bedroom conversations. Did BIS give permission for this? Is there a standard for this? more  

This is serious matter.Concerned agency must intervene and stop it. more  
It is very serious matter and Class action suit must be filed against the Google and other culprits if any more  
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BIS has a total of 15,083 number of operative licences, including foreign products. I do not think Google Home devices are covered. more  
Job of BIS is to make standards...they are probably not regulators....also they don't drive innovation and better do not try to dislodge innovation as we are a poor country in this regard....people should use the products judiciously as the features are well informed.....agree?

On Sat, 13 Jul 2019 08:55:44 +0530 Amit Mishra wrote
> more  
Knowledge/information is power... Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, GPS tracking, Email programs, Mobile phones, Squiggy, Ecommerce, Internet Banking and now this... As a nation we have now fully embraced the electronic world of the internet...

Who controls all of this, who stands to gain from all of this... who Police's all of this... A lot of this is given to us from massive international companies, companies that we cannot know where their allegiances lie, companies that have proven to be untrustworthy.

Information harvesting is now pretty much part of our lives... But it all stops when the power goes off... the internet is down... there is war or civil unrest... where do we stand then? No cash in our pockets...

Or simply when we cannot afford to make a loan payment and the bank freezes our account... or someone hacks into our account whether it be our Amazon account or our Bank account or our Medical status.

None of these system are tamper proof, whether it be from Hackers, Businesses, Banks or Governments. We here in India know very well the destructive power of corruption.

We need open and informed intelligent debate and discussion on this and be well educated in the direction we are going as a country and not simply run for the next new technology that hits the market believing it to be better for us.

For one, I am concerned about a cashless society that depends entirely on the internet and electricity... or where we are penalized for using cash. more  
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