friends , yet one more list of GMO products are knowing doors of our country to enter.

The food grains and pulses Mainly to start with is mustard seeds, Soyabean seeds , like BT COTTON and BT EGGPLANT(BRINJOLS) might have entered the Indian market.

This Genetically modified seeds are mainly using the genes of animals, fish which is already started in countries like LATIN AMERICA-BRAZIL, USA , China and sold . It has lot of side effects , whcih were noticed and a ACTIVE GROUP in our country is fighting a case in supreme court particularly for GMO(GENETICALLY MODIFIED) Mustard seeds which is largly consumed in North Indian states as MUSTARD OIL-SARSONKA TEL-

Supreme court has stayed and directed the food and agricultural ministry to do proper long term study , after giving enough data and proof than only court will decide after seeing the merits and demerits of such GMO food products.

Some cuntries are divided on the opinion about such GMO foods- it is okay and not okay- and in country like ours where if vigilant people are not there it would have entered our markets thru the farms.
This is a debatable and to be understood by one and all whoi are cautious about food safety must read, debate nation wide to rightly protest if found really harmfull. As of now such seeds like CORN, SOYABEANS are used in cattle feed. What will happen to those innocent cattles in long run or in theriu future generation only God knows.

Few years back there was world wide alaram about the MAD COW DESEASE. To the best of my knowledge PARTICUALRLY IN uk AS REPORTD BY THE INTERNATION MEDIA taht they found cattel dying in large numbers, why they found that those cattle were given particualr type of cattle feed, which made holes in their brains and the people who were eating such cow meat, it was posing big threat to human life also.

What was happenng that in large saluter houses the sceleton of all such animals were pilong up in huge quantity and it's day to day disposle was a big problem , so some extra INTELLIGENT pople they thought why not to mix it with cattle feed as it is alo bone meal is used for POULTRY FARMS, EVEN THE FISH MEAL IS ALSO WIODELY USED FOR UCH PURPOSE, SO WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. AND THEY STARTED IT.

In our country largely such bone were used for producing GELETINE FROM IT.Now a days that is also a big issue in the name of NON-VEG GELETIN , BECAUSE IT WAS LARGLY CONSUMED FOR MANUFACTURING GELECAPS to fill meicine powder whicha ere of bad tase or smell and difficulet to swallow.

Perhaps we all might have swallowed such capsules.

The idea is not to scare the members , it is just share for every one's consumption and get informed what is going on when we are debating , discussing about food safety.

Jai hind

s more  

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GMO should not be approved for sale till all necessary investigation is not completed, let be years all together. more  
It must be clearly mention as Warning that this is GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD more  
Dear ALL, As per the provisions in the Environment Protection Act, 1986, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) in the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has the responsibility to do the risk assessment and approve GM Crops in the country. In case any GM food crop is approved by the GEAC, as per the provision in Section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, FSSAI has the responsibility to regulate it. So far no LMO relating to food has been approved by the GEAC. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has constituted a Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms and Foods (SP-GMO&F). The constitution of this Panel is available on FSSAI web site at more  
Sir, you must know that BT cotton is already allowed but what about its seeds that is cotton seeds, which going from back door for oil extraction n that cotton seed oil is already sold as edible oil. Are you aware about it or checking it. Similarly the BT brinjals yet not known but farmers are already producing such crop. So as other items. Common user may not be able to check or test it ,it is only FSSAI and Food inspectors can check. You just cannot be satisfied by telling us you are the corporate head n the onus is with you, sir.

Recently there was lot of controversy reported by media on the court case by the MNC company who produces such GMO seeds , asking for royalty.

Hope, you are well aware about it.

In my opinion there is no need for any such GMO products or seeds, our normal seeds growing in our country are good enough to take care of our food requirement. Even the cross bread or hybridised seeds also lose the original seeds characteristics n properties have we ever bother to check?
The original Dehradoon Basmati has specific aroma that has gone in the rice that is sold under different brand names n long rice .
Similarly many vegetables have lost its original tastes.

What ever any one may say, one day we will have to go back to nature n it's traditionally growing region n soil wise n that is good for health.
Playing with nature will prove fatal. more  
Why not every Genetically Modified Food be labeled in English and local language and also with a SIGN, so that people recognise that it is GM food and decide for themselves whether to buy or not. more  
It is Pity that every time protested but so many our natural products even banned for foreign companies and in result we are going towards bad health. more  
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