Global Coordinated Lockdown for Omicron

Every single person in every single country in this world is done with this virus. What if we would have a strict worldwide coordinated lockdown at the same time, in the exact same period. Would it be possible to stop or even eradicate the virus all together as an unprecedented joint effort?

Please share thoughts and if enough people agree perhaps LC takes it for a India level and global world level survey. more  

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The fear mongers are at it again...we only need one authentic source from where all relevant information will be decimated. more  
I wonder where people get such hare-brained ideas! You are talking of people - not cattle or sheep! more  
Global level less travel and work from home will help in one major way by reducing pollution.....except for necessary services and occasional office get-togethers... On Sun, 05 Dec 2021 14:17:42 +0530 Ajay Dutta wrote > more  
I have given many examples of states in USA and some of the countries where there was no lock down during all this two year Covid (China Virus) madness. They have proof of less cases and no or less economic hardship. People need to stop being armchair scientist or Drs without any scientific proof and stop promoting the "sky is falling" ideas. more  
I feel time has come to accept corona just like any flu and stop making hype and talk about lockdown etc. We had enough of it and the damage we ourselves have created in the mind and heart of people cannot be eradicated. Today there are more death witout corona. It is also now declared by Africa Labs where the latest mutation was discovered that it is just like a Flu Cold virus. Even though the cases have risen but none of them has been admitted to hospital and there is not a single death due to this. Hence please let us be more mature bold and accept the realities of life and move forward to recover what we have lost. Further it is totally unjustified on the part of authorities to charge people coming from At Risk countries for test and qurantine stay who are found negative. A person who is negative coming from say Africa has spent time money and energy to keep him/her self safe. Should not they be prasied for the same? THEN WHY SHOULD THEY PAY IF THEY ARE NEGATIVE. YES IF THEY ARE POSITIVE THEY CAN BE CHARGED. HENCE IN ALL JUSTIFICATION PLEASE AMEND YOUR RULES IMMEDIATELY. more  
Mr Nanda thank you for saying what many of us are thinking. I have tried to give the example of my state in USA where I live. The state has not mandated mask and vaccines. They left it up to businesses and private entities to decide what they want to do about that. Most businesses and healthcare facilities have mask regulations at those places. The state has been criticized and politicized by national media but in the end, places that have had lock down like NY, CA, MI etc have had more cases and deaths per capita. We have done better health and economically. Please stop this Covid madness and fear and start using common sense. I just cancelled my trip to India due to this craziness. I have an OCI card so I could travel to India but many US citizens including my husband who are from India are not allowed to enter India now. This is called madness. more  
Not at all the right solution! Does, the so called "global" include asking those across the digital divide? Too simplistic. Who gives netizens the right in deciding over the lives of others. Lockdown for 68 days within India, while cleaning up the air and water, caused the huge recession. See the impact on education, on school shutdown! You bet on a single solution, what if the effect is different to that expected or desired! India's school going children still catching up with their studies, after prolonged lockdown. Beware of suggestions that people freely give others, when their circumstances are different! Besides, how ethical or moral can such decisions be? Would anybody like decision thrust upon him? more  
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