If our comments/ complaints are not redressed we get disillusioned, disappointed .The comments are shared with a great hope of something happening , so that we the customers get service for what we pay. We don’t seem to get any response from the IRCTC / Indian Railways even about not being able to do it. Some of the comments from the Circle members are very pertinent and is really worth trying out .

* Customers’ woes start from Booking on line Tickets . The advertisements are more dominating the screen than the matter required for booking . Booking tickets during school , Festival holidays we are made to attempt multiple times as the earlier ones get aborted . Captcha is one, however correct or quick it is done , we are pushed to square one . By the time we work our way through , 35 / 40 Available goes to RAC /WL. DON’T MAKE NET TICKET BOOKING DIFFICULT AND TIME CONSUMING.

* The other issue that is repeated several times again and again is , the choice of Berth . How many requests have been made to Flash the availability of Opted Berth . And only then go the Payment Gateway . When the customer goes to the payment gateway is under the strong impression that the chosen Berth will be allotted.Lo ,only money is deducted and not what was opted . ALL WE ASK IS IF OPTED BERTH IS NOT AVAILABLE DON’T COLLECT CUSTOMER’S MONEY .

* When there is a complaint about general cleanliness in the compartments and Toilets by our own members , kindly don’t come out with a solution that Indian Railways has 13,000 Trains 45,000 Coaches, 22 Million Passengers travel every day . Who owns and manages all of them ? ISN’T IT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER/ MANAGER TO LOOK INTO MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP ? No doubt there is a section of customers / passengers who don’t have any civic sense . Though the literacy in India has gone up , the SOCIAL NICETIES are still lacking even with the educated and rich. LIKE THE POLICE IS THERE FOR THE ONES WHO DON’T OBEY LAW OF THE LAND , THE RAILWAYS SHOULD USE THEIR OWN FORCE , OR THE SLEEPER COACH ATTENDANT IN THE COMPARTMENTS TO CURB THIS NUISANCE. NO NEED TO APPOINT ADDITIONAL STAFF . THEY HAVE ENOUGH TIME .

* Still there are plenty of complaints about punctuality . Punctuality not only the Elite trains . It should be for all trains . In the past Indians were ridiculed for their Punctuality . Why not when a big organization with 13,00,000 Employees , managed by a Board of experts and Professional Managers can’t keep to time .

* This is not the last yet , but let me cut short. The Ticket Cancellation fees is too high It has to be halved . Most of the times when there is cancellation immediately after booking say within 30 minutes , only nominal clerkage should be collected. VERY OFTEN WHEN THE OPTED BERTH IS NOT GIVEN ALLOW THE CUSTOMER TO CANCEL AND REFUND THE FULL AMOUNT .
- Jai Hind more  

View all 33 comments Below 33 comments
AS mow the railways have made charts transparent . After preparation of charts it is very easy to know which berlth is vacant and in which coach. and vacancies in bewteen stations are also mentioned. It can be seen in IRCTC after preparation of charts. The seat display is given. So it should not be difficult to show the available berths till it goes to RAC or WL more  
We cannot achieve anything by crying over split milk. IR is a monopolistic non-accountable PSU
like other gov. institutions. The only solutions lied in the speedy privatization of railways in the
interest of passengers of a over populated country. more  
Mr. Rana , we shouldn't give up saying that it is a PSU , MUST WAKE THEM UP AS THE PSU ID GUZZLING OUR MONEY . more  
Mr.Jaikumar has put the customer woes in a language very easy for the railways to understand and act upon. There are so many more to add but it would be a good start if these are taken care of. The first issue i do'nt know how many of you have faced it is the indifference of customer care and the woes start from there. Then as i understand the electronic reservation system is incapable of taking the peak loads which is a constant harassment to the traveler.The railways must enhance the capability of the reservation system, make it simpler and traveler friendly to operate and overhaul the customer care with courteous and well informed staff.
Every point written by Jayakumar is very correct. These problems are rectifiable also. We can wake up a person who is asleep. But we cannot wake up a person who acts asleep. The real reason for rail accidents were the overburdening of loco pilots. After several posting by the grace of God it has been recognised. Thank God. Let us hope that our Minister Mr Goel will come up to the level of Mr Prabhu and solve these problems more  
I agree with you Mr Jayakumar. In the past we (including myself) given so many suggestion but is no response / acknowledgement. It seems to me that our suggestions are only academic and social.... I have not seen any response / appreciation / rejection with logic..... This attitude discourages us to continue on local circles...... Food for Thought..... more  
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