Friends I would like to discuss on few points about the future projects concerning High speed railways.

1) High speed trains as in use today in nations like Japan, Germany, France, Spain and China with China having the largest network of them all (11000+ kms)

2) Apart from China the High Speed Rail Network in other Nations does not surpass 3000 Kms. It is obvious as these countries cannot operate domestic flights for such small distances.

3) Our country is trying is planning to lay High speed rails lines between cities like Delhi - Mumbai, Delhi - Kolkata etc when we already have domestic flights operating between these cities which are much faster than Bullet Trains. America would have use high speed rail network long back if it was so essential.

4)Even with trains running at 100-120km/hr the frequency of accidents in our country is more than the above mentioned Nations.

4)When the Shinkansen was introduced in Japan in late 1950's there were no video conferencing or Mobile phone technologies in the world. Hence people had to use high speed trains to commute from one place to another for important tasks. But now we even have the technologies to perform remote medical operations.

4) The massive employment generated from laying high speed rail network cannot benefit our youth as it is a high technology industry.

5) We must focus on improving the ambiance and interiors of our railway coaches so that they match the coaches of bullet trains; We must focus on introducing high speed rails which can deliver containers and others goods quickly.

6)However we must not forget the most important and promising aspect of Bullet trains. When the cost of aviation fuels increases in next 10 - 15 years it would prove to be a good deal as we can use energy from Thermal power plants to run our High speed rails. more  

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Jaipal Sinh, I enjoyed watching video of passenger transport system in China. more  
Please visit the following you tube link :- more  
Our focus must be on increasing the number of double Decker (if possible triple Decker) semi High speed trains in the country, But for that we need to first make a through survey on the infrastructure constraints. more  
Very useful inputs. more  
your analysis is nice. I wd like to point out that there is a potential market & need for travel at different speeds to same destination. - In USA, airlines could meet travel needs between long distances and Rlys have given up that market segment. In our country due to our huge population and different income levels and affordability, there will be demand for rail travel even if the same is priced little higher for faster journeys. So Rlys need to do mkt study and select appropriate routes for high speed / bullet trains. -as reg to running existing trains faster because the design of coaches / railway tracks permit, the problem is not technical but operational. Due to congestion in traffic trains are not being speeded up now. the solution is debottlenecking in select stretches by providing additional lines, station platforms etc. on temporary basis. Long term solution is to build additional rail lines in new alignments and segregating long distance and short distance tracks so that long distance trains run in separate lines without unnecessary stopping more  
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